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Turner, Emily -
DFP Mixed Practice (25)Multiple Choice2023.08.21
Attaway, Rick - Newberry Middle School
1.2 Reteach Adding Integers 1 (10)Slides2023.08.19
Miles, Victoria -
Data and Spread (14)Slides2023.08.19
Bond, Brandi -
0s and 1s Math Facts Quiz (47)Short Answer2023.08.19
Miles, Victoria -
Dot Plots, Box Plots, Histograms (11)Slides2023.08.19
Pythagorean Triples (11)Slides2023.08.19
Solve Equations and Justify Each Step in the Solution (9)Slides2023.08.18
Peaguda, Adriana -
Polygons 2022 (13)Slides2023.08.18
3D Shapes (13)Slides2023.08.18
Miles, Victoria -
Write Equations in Two Variables A-CED.2 (12)Multiple Choice2023.08.16
Writing Two-Step Expressions from Context (9)Slides2023.08.16
Exponent Rules (18)Slides2023.08.16
OrdoƱez, Alejandro -
Taz quiz (15)Multiple Choice2023.08.13
Pacho, Jack -
Gchemi. (51)Multiple Choice2023.08.08
Miles, Victoria -
Circumference, Area, Sector Area and Arc Length (10)Slides2023.07.27
College, Al-Ameen Integrated -
Aic- English Ss1 Placement Exam-2022/2023 (3)Multiple Choice2023.07.25
AIC JSS 2 3rd Term Business Studies Exam 2022/23 (30)Multiple Choice2023.07.24
AIC JSS 1 Business Studies 3rd Term Exam 2022/23 (30)Multiple Choice2023.07.24