Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ThatQuiz doesn't work at my school. What's wrong?

    Schools often have tighter security settings which accidentally block some content from loading. If your school is having trouble using this website, help is available.

  2. How long will ThatQuiz be free?

    ThatQuiz will always be free, and it will always be available.

  3. Are grade levels and quiz levels related?

    No. ThatQuiz is used internationally, and different countries have different grade level standards. A fourth grade student in Bangalore does not have the same curriculum as a fourth grader in Boston. Also, ThatQuiz is used by some older students who are performing far below their grade level, and their teachers have specifically asked not to identify the typical grade level for a quiz. The "level" of a given quiz has nothing to do with a student being in the fourth, fifth or tenth grade at school. Rather, it is a way of configuring the degree of difficulty for that particular quiz.

  4. Can students cheat using ThatQuiz?

    Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection has a wide range of tools available for solving any test question. Computers have calculators. Web browsers have Google search. Think about it.

    You should also be concerned that students take their own tests. Remember that if you link to a test with a Test Code, and haven't defined mandatory student passwords, there's no control over who clicks that link and completes the test. It could be someone in another country. If students are testing from home or in a setting where you can't see their work, we recommend using email notification or the class home page with passwords. These options are more secure. If you like using test codes, get more security by defining passwords and requiring them for all class tests on the Edit Class page.

  5. Can a student retake a test?

    Yes. Before a student can retake a test, you need to erase his/her grade for the test in the Edit Grades page. Click on the grade to be erased (it will turn gray) and click Erase Grades. Only the selected grades are erased, and these students may now take the test a second time.

  6. How can students take a test without my logging in?

    You should not log into your teacher account to give a test to students. If you do log on where a student is going to test, be sure to close all of your account windows before the student begins testing, or the student will have access to your account. See Administering a Test to Students for more details.

  7. How can I help ThatQuiz?

    This is not a frequently asked question, but we wish that it were. If you have benefited from this site, please link to us from your school or personal website so that more people can find us. Consider giving a presentation about ThatQuiz at a teacher conference or workshop, or write an article in a newsletter or teacher's journal.

    You can also help by reporting any bugs (errors) you encounter. This site is not perfect [yet]. If something does not function the way you would expect, tell us. Please include information about what kind of operating system (Windows, Macintosh OS-X) and browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) you are using.

  8. What if I have a question that's not on this list?

    • Search the blog.
    • Send email to: