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Quick Start
  1. If you haven't already, create a class with at least one student by clicking on New Class.
  2. Create a test by choosing a category (Integers, Fractions, Concepts, Geometry) a test (Arithmetic, Inequality, etc.) and clicking Assign Test.
  3. Give the Test Code (appears in the first column of See Tests, before the test name) to the students, and have them enter it under Class Testing on our homepage. You can also notify your students of the test by email by clicking on the Notify button.
  4. After students have tested, click on Grades to check their work.

ThatQuiz is a free testing service for teachers to use with their classes. Multiple choice tests and math tests can be administered to students using this website. All grades are immediately reported to the students. Teachers receive complete record keeping of test results, including all grades and wrong answers. For questions or support send mail to  but search the blog and read the Frequently Asked Questions first.

Assigning a Math Test
Click the desired test group in the Common Tests menu (i.e. Arithmetic). Configure the test options as desired. Select the class to receive the test in the Classes menu. Click on Assign Test to finish.

Description of test options : 1.Length is the number of problems in the test. 2.Level is the degree of difficulty of the test, a low number being easy and a high number being hard. 3.Timer allows a limit to be set on the time students have to complete the test. 4.Order describes how the questions will be asked to each student. Rand means each student receives the questions in a random order. Fixed means each student sees the questions in the same order.

Administering a Test to Students
To begin testing, students need either the
Test Code, a link to their Class Home Page, or an email notification.

Test Code
The Test Code appears in the first column of the tests table when you click on
See Tests. It consists of four letters and four numbers (i.e. MPAK2835). Have your students enter the code in the Test Code box on the ThatQuiz home page, and click Enter to begin testing. When students test together in a classroom setting, this is often the easiest method.

Class Home Page
Click on
Edit Class in the menu to see the link to your class home page. Every class you register automatically has its own home page assigned with a unique URL. You can bookmark this page from the computers in your school computer lab, email the link to your students, or link to it from your school web site. You can edit the home page to include your own text or class picture. The class home page allows each student to see a list of the assigned tests he/she has not yet taken. If you link to the class home page from a publicly visible web site, we recommend using the password option. Otherwise a third party, someone outside of the class, could discover the page and take the tests which have been assigned to your students.

Email Notification
If you prefer to email your students about a test click
See Tests and check the test. Up to 10 tests may be checked at once. Click the Notify button and enter the email addresses where notification should be sent. ThatQuiz will not use your student emails for any purpose other than test notification at your command. When you send a notification email, each student receives a link valid for his/her own test only. This may be preferable to entering the Test Code because the student will not have to choose his/her name from the class list to begin testing. For students who test at home, email notification is best.

Creating a Class
To create a class click New Class in the Classes menu. Enter a class name, and first and last names for all the students in the class. To add more students click the Add More button. When finished click Save. The new class is now present on the Classes menu.

Editing Or Removing a Class
For all operations with a class, first select the desired class using the dropdown box in the Classes menu. To edit the class, click Edit Class in the menu. Students can be added and names changed. To remove a student from the class, delete both his/her first and last names. To delete the entire class, click Delete Class. Note that all grades will also be erased when a student or class is deleted.

Link to a Test
You can create an HTML link directly to any test using the Test Code.

TESTCODE is the eight character code (i.e. MPAK2835) found in
See Tests.

Importing Tests
If another teacher has created a test you'd like to use, click on Import from your See Tests page. Enter the Test Code of the test to be imported. You'll receive your own copy of this test with a new Test Code for your class.

Additionally, you can import matching and multiple choice tests from the public test library. Click on Browse under the Other Tests menu.

Deleting a Test
To delete or cancel a test which has been assigned to a class, click on See Tests in the Classes menu. Check the test to be removed and click the Delete button.

Merging Tests
Tests may be merged to form a larger test or exam. Click on See Tests in the Classes menu to see a complete list of existing tests. By checking tests and then clicking the Merge button, a new test is formed using the questions of the existing tests. The new test can be edited by clicking its name ("Merged Test").

Matching And Multiple Choice
In addition to math tests, you can design your own matching and multiple choice tests. Click on Design under Other Tests in the menu, and then either the Matching or Multiple Choice button. It's important to remember that tests in the Matching and Multiple Choice category still have to be assigned after they are created. Assigning a test creates a copy with a test code for a class. The assigned copies are independent of the original test you designed. Deleting or editing one will not affect the other. If later on you make changes to your test, you'll have to assign it again for those changes to reach the students.

Printing a test
From the See Tests or Design pages check the test you wish to print, then press the print button. A more printer-friendly version of the test will open in a new window or tab. To control where the printer page breaks occur, click on the dividers between questions. Finally, you still have to click the Print link or use your browser's own File -> Print menu in order to send the page to the printer.

Viewing Grade Reports
The Grades option in the Classes menu shows all the grades from the currently selected class. Each column represents a test. Placing the mouse pointer over a column displays information about the particular test. Clicking on a column, a student name, or a grade opens a complete grade report for the test or student. Where incorrect answers are reported, the student's response is always the answer shown in parentheses.

Editing Grades
To edit grades first click on Grades in the Classes menu to see all grades. If you click on an individual grade, you can see a detailed report for that grade, and also have the option of assigning a different score for that exam. To change the grade on the detailed report, click the [Edit] link next to the score, enter a new numeric value, and then press ENTER or click [Save].

Erasing a grade allows a student to retest. Click on Grades in the Classes menu, and then the Edit button. Click on the individual grades to select them for erasure. Click on a column letter to select an entire test. The Erase button will erase all grades which have been selected.

When a test is deleted from the See Tests menu, the grades are also automatically deleted.

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