Storms Vocabulary Quiz
__1. Air MassA. Condition of atmosphere at a time and place
__2. Condensation NucleiB. Cool dense sinking air; clear skies, calm weather
__3. High Pressure SystemC. Huge body of air with same temp, humidity, pressure
__4. TornadoD. destructive, rotating column of air
__5. WeatherE. Dust, ash, salt, etc that water vapor adheres to
__6. ClimatologistA. Cumulonimbus cloud that brings rain, lightning, hail etc.
__7. Dew pointB. Scientist who gathers past and present data and pollution
__8. FrontC. Warm moist air that generally brings stormy weather
__9. Low pressure systemD. Temperature at which condensation occurs, air saturated
__10. ThunderstormE. Boundary between two air masses
__11. BlizzardA. Average weather over a long period of time
__12. ClimateB. Scientist who predicts short term weather phenomena
__13. HurricaneC. Low pressure system with high winds resulting in storm surge
__14. MeteorologistD. Strong cold winds blowing snow that reduces visibility
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