Speed & Velocity
  • 1. ________ is a unit of speed
A) kg
B) m/s
C) s
D) hr
  • 2. The speed at any instant of time is known as
A) Velocity
B) Instantaneous speed
C) Acceleration
D) Average speed
  • 3. If the total distance of 750 m is covered in a time of 25s, the average speed is________.
A) 3 m/s
B) 3,974 mph
C) 30 m/s
D) 30 mph
  • 4. _______ describes how fast something is going, whereas, _______ describes how fast something is going and in a certain direction.
A) Speed, acceleration
B) Rate, velocity
C) Speed, velocity
D) Rate, speed
  • 5. Which of the following is a measure of velocity?
A) 30 s
B) 30 m/s
C) 30 m/s, South
D) 30 South
  • 6. If a person walked at 2 m/s for 12 s he/she would travel a distance of _______.
A) 24m
B) 6m
C) 4m
D) none of these answers
  • 7. How long would it take to travel 50 km traveling at a speed of 10 km/hr?
A) 5 hours
B) 3 hours
C) 50 hours
D) 1 hour
  • 8. The ________ of a distance versus time graph shows speed.
A) slope
B) origin
C) none of these answers
D) y-intercept
  • 9. The SI unit for speed is the
A) in/hr
B) none of these answers
C) cm/min
D) m/s
  • 10. How far would you travel moving at 12 m/s for 3 minutes?
A) 36.0 miles
B) 2160 m
C) 36.0 m
D) 40 m
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