Unit 2 Review
  • 1. ______ sit under the big tree.
A) Jill and Jen
B) jill and Jen
C) Jill and jen
  • 2. The _____ sits and does other tricks too.
A) dog
B) Dogs
C) Dog
  • 3. A bird sings in a tree. The bird has many _____.
A) song
B) song's
C) songs
  • 4. The ______ nest is in the tree.
A) bird's
B) birds
C) birds's
  • 5. What does the picture show?
A) cust
B) cast
C) cest
  • 6. What does the picture show?
A) net
B) ned
C) nit
  • 7. How many sounds in bench?
A) 3
B) 5
C) 4
  • 8. Which word has a closed syllable?
A) go
B) fed
C) she
  • 9. Type this word.
  • 10. Type this word.
  • 11. What does the picture show?
A) truck
B) trick
C) tuck
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