• 1. The ________is made up of rock.
A) star
B) moon
C) sun
  • 2. The _______is a star.
A) moon
B) sun
  • 3. The sun is very ________.
A) large
B) small
  • 4. What shape is the sun and the moon?
A) sphere
B) cone
  • 5. The moon has ______in it.
A) sun
B) craters
C) large
  • 6. The ________rotates around the moon.
A) earth
B) craters
C) star
  • 7. If it is day here, it is _______somewhere else.
A) earth
B) night
C) craters
  • 8. Why is the earth blue and green?
A) land and sun
B) land and water
C) Water and rocks
  • 9. The sun gives off ______ which you can burn.
A) cold air
B) water
C) heat
  • 10. The moon gets the ________from the sun.
A) craters
B) star
C) light
  • 11. There are ______planets.
A) 9
B) 7
C) 28
D) 5
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