5D Vocab Quiz List 1
__1. accumulateA. correct or exact; precise
__2. accurateB. to build up or collect over time; to increase
__3. achieveC. to succeed in doing or gaining something, usually with effor
__4. assignD. an abtract or general idea
__5. assumeE. to join or fasten
__6. attachF. unchanging over time
__7. conceptG. to believe something is true without proof
__8. consistentH. to give out as work or as a task
__9. contextI. the conditions that surrond a situation or event
__10. discussJ. to talk about something
__11. documentA. to form, design. or arrangement of something
__12. formatB. to tell, explain, or understand the meaning of something
__13. foundationC. to record information about an event in writing or pictures
__14. generateD. an individual thing, especially one that is part of a set
__15. interpretE. to produce or create
__16. interpretationF. the beginning point and support from which something develop
__17. itemG. someone with whom a person does an activity
__18. obtainH. the explanation or understanding of the meaning
__19. offsetI. to gain control or ownership of something
__20. partnerJ. to cancel or decrease the effect of something
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