The Three Feathers
  • 1. How many sons did the king have?
A) 4
B) 1
C) 3
D) 2
  • 2. The shy, youngest son was called
A) Steak
B) Noodle
C) Chow Mein
D) Apple
  • 3. Who did the youngest son meet in the hole?
A) the wise owl
B) a lizard
C) a princess
D) the toad
  • 4. The youngest boy could be described as
A) lazy and overweight
B) rude and a liar
C) fast and intelligent
D) courteous and brave
  • 5. The toad provided the youngest boy with all of these EXCEPT
A) a beautiful carpet
B) a beautiful princess
C) a elegant gold ring
D) a chest of gold
  • 6. The two older brothers thought that their youngest brother didn't deserve the kingdom because he was
A) stupid
B) too short
C) too fat
D) too lazy
  • 7. The older brothers could be described using all these words EXCEPT
A) lazy
B) mean
C) caring
D) uncaring
  • 8. In the end, the older boys got
A) new cars
B) part of the kingdom
C) nothing
D) a spanking
  • 9. Who had caused the beautiful woman to become a toad?
A) Harry Potter
B) a sorcerer
C) a magician
D) a witch
  • 10. The theme of story could be which of the following?
A) If you care too much, you could be hurt in the end
B) If you do nothing you end up with nothing
C) Don't talk to talking wolves
D) The person who tries the hardest doesn't always end up with the prize
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