• 1. Who put the womand and her son into the chest and dropped them into the sea?
A) An oracle
B) Acrisius
C) Perseus
D) The guards
  • 2. Who raised Perseus?
A) Medusa
B) A boatman
C) Polydectes, the king of Seriphus
D) Acrisius
  • 3. Medusa was
A) a snake
B) the name of restaurant
C) once a beautiful woman
D) a giant ogre
  • 4. If a living creature looked at Medusa they
A) fell in love with her
B) turned to stone
C) shrunk
D) became a giant
  • 5. Why did Minerva give Perseus a bag?
A) To capture the snakes.
B) To carry his weapons in.
C) To fill it with gold and silver.
D) So when he cut off her head, nobody would look at her face and turn to stone.
  • 6. Whose country did Perseus stop in?
A) The country ruled by Minerva.
B) The country ruled by Jupiter.
C) The country ruled by Queen Cassiopeia.
D) The country ruled by Atlas.
  • 7. What happened to Atlas?
A) He chained himself to the Earth.
B) He married Queen Cassiopeia.
C) Perseus turned him to stone.
D) He escaped to the stars and the heavens.
  • 8. How was Perseus able to defeat the sea monster?
A) He used the shield Minerva gave him.
B) He used the shoes of Mercury and Minerva's sword.
C) He showed the monster Medussa's head.
D) He sacrificed Andromeda to save his own life.
  • 9. Who tried to stop the wedding?
A) Andromeda
B) Medussa
C) Phineus
D) Perseus
  • 10. How was the wedding celebrated?
A) Medussa sang for the guests.
B) Everyone who attended was given a huge cake
C) The bride and groom danced around the statues of Phineus and his friends
D) With a trip to Disneyland
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