Officer Buckle and Gloria Comprehension
  • 1. In the beginning of the book, why is there snoring during Officer Buckle's speech?
A) It is late at night.
B) The students are tired.
C) The speech is boring.
D) The room is dark
  • 2. While Officer Buckle is speaking, Gloria _______.
A) acts out what he is saying.
B) does tricks he has taught her
C) sleeps
D) barks loudly.
  • 3. Officer Buckle thinks the children are cheering for him because he is _____.
A) giving them important safety tips
B) speaking with expression
C) smiling a lot
D) telling funny jokes
  • 4. How are the thank-you letters from Napville School alike?
A) They have pictures of Officer Buckle and Gloria.
B) All the students print their letters.
C) None of them say anything about Gloria.
D) All the letters have drawings of Gloria.
  • 5. Officer Buckle's phones start ringing because ______.
A) people want to hear Officer Buckle.
B) there is a lot of crime.
C) people want to see Gloria.
D) the phones aren't working right.
  • 6. When Officer Buckle watches the news, he learns that _______.
A) he does not speak loudly enough.
B) Gloria is making people laugh.
C) he looks good on television.
D) his speeches are too long.
  • 7. How does Officer Buckle feel after he sees himself on TV?
A) pleased
B) satisfied
C) foolish
D) tired
  • 8. Why does Officer Buckle start giving safety tips again?
A) The principal at Napville School invites him to give a speech.
B) Officer Buckle knows that he and Gloria give the best tips as a team.
C) He has nothing else to do.
D) He wants to be on television again.
  • 9. When does Officer Buckle begin giving speeches again?
A) after Napville School has its biggest accident.
B) before he treats Gloria to ice cream.
C) on the day that Gloria falls asleep on the stage.
D) before there are any accidents at Napville School.
  • 10. Which sentence best tells what the story is about?
A) A police officer should always work alone.
B) Dogs can be funny.
C) Sometimes working with a buddy is best.
D) Children should learn 101 safety tips.
  • 11. This book is most like _______?
A) realistic fiction
B) science fiction
C) historical fiction
D) fantasy
  • 12. Name two ways that Claire's thank-you letter is different from the others.
  • 13. Claire sends a letter to Officer Buckle about the accident. As a result, what does he learn about Gloria and himself?
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