Old Kingdom Ancient Egypt
__1. 2 Regions of EgyptA. Lower and Upper
__2. Burial PracticesB. Mummies and afterlife
__3. KhufuC. Nile
__4. Longest River in the World?D. Pharaoh
__5. NubiaE. The size of the pyramid signified this________
__6. Old KingdomF. The most famous Pharaoh of the Old Kingdom.
__7. Pharaohs greatnessG. Who was in the middle class of Egypt's Social Structure
__8. Re, Isis, OsirisH. Egypt traded with _________
__9. Scribes,Crafts people,MerchantI. Example of Egyptian Gods
__10. Who managed Egypt for the GodsJ. A period of Egyptian history from 2700-2200
__11. Farmers, slaves, servantsA. What is the Egyptian spirit called?
__12. Ka or spiritB. Gold, Ivory, Slaves, and Stone
__13. Nubia traded this with Egypt?C. Huge stone tombs with 4 triangle shaped walls
__14. PyramidsD. These people made up 80% of Egypt's population
__15. Who were the leaders of Egypt?E. Pharaohs
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