Ancient Greek Vocab
__1. AcropolisA. Greek word for city-state
__2. arisocratsB. a high hill
__3. citizensC. rich landowners
__4. ClassicalD. an age marked by great achievement
__5. democracyE. government where the people rule themselves
__6. mythologyF. people who had the right to participate in government
__7. oligarchyG. Government where a few people have power
__8. PericlesH. which meant a leader who held power through the use of force
__9. PolisI. leader under which Athens reached its hieght
__10. tyrantJ. stories about gods and heroes that show how the world works
__11. AesopA. Woman poet who wrote lyric poems
__12. FablesB. Poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odessey
__13. HomerC. A man who wrote famous fables
__14. SapphoD. short stories that teach about life and give advice on life
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