Action Verbs 2
  • 1. The boy sleeps on the couch.
A) sleeps
B) boy
C) couch
  • 2. The little pig grunts.
A) pig
B) little
C) grunts
  • 3. The roof of the house leaks.
A) house
B) leaks
C) roof
  • 4. The hunter searches for a deer.
A) deer
B) hunter
C) searches
  • 5. The doctor examines his patient.
A) examines
B) patient
C) doctor
  • 6. The bird in the tree sings beautifully.
A) bird
B) sings
C) tree
  • 7. The team runs out of the locker room.
A) room
B) runs
C) team
  • 8. The girl finds a pink crayon.
A) finds
B) crayon
C) girl
  • 9. My moms buys somes cookies at the store.
A) mom
B) buys
C) cookies
  • 10. Mr. Jones plays the piano.
A) plays
B) piano
C) Mr. Jones
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