Holes Chapters 1-10 Test
  • 1. The setting of Camp Green Lake is...
A) stifling and green
B) barren and desolate
C) cold and windy
  • 2. Stanley was sent to Camp Green Lake because...
A) He was accused of stealing a pair of shoes
B) His parents wanted him to have a camp experience
C) He hit Derrick Dunne during a fight at school
  • 3. What does Stanley's father do?
A) Inventor
B) Judge
C) Writer
  • 4. Why are there no electric fences at Camp Green Lake?
A) They have police guards around the camp
B) The Warden would punish them if they ran away
C) There is no water for 100 miles
  • 5. Where did Stanley find Clyde Livingston's sneakers?
A) They fell on top of him
B) From the homeless shelter
C) His dad gave them to him
  • 6. The story of Elya Yelnats is considered a...
A) Allusion
B) Foreshadowing
C) Flashback
  • 7. Which character said "I want you to carry me up the mountain."
A) Madame Zeroni
B) Stanley's Mother
C) Myra Menke
  • 8. In the sentence, "They put the excavated dirt in a pile." What is the meaning of excavated?
A) Excess
B) Dug up
C) Brown Dirt
  • 9. The eyes of the Yellow Spotted Lizard are red.
A) False
B) True
  • 10. Who found the fossil while digging their hole?
A) X-Ray
B) Stanley
C) Magnet
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