Energy Test 1
El sonido se produce por -

cambios en la forma de energia

cambios en el estado de materia

pensar en los objetos

las vibraciones de los objetos

Cual es la masa del durazno?
70 gramos
75 gramos
75 kilogramos
65 gramos

Cual de las siguientes opciones

es correcta?

la capa cafe se metio al cilindro graduado primero
la capa azul es menos densa que la verde, y mas densa que la roja
la capa dorada es la mas densa
la capa roja es menos densa que la blanca, y mas densa que la verde
At its melting point, a substance changes from -
liquid to solid
solid to gas
liquid to gas
solid to liquid

Theresa was performing an investigation using the items pictured above.

She stretched the rubber band and plucked it. She then held the ruler in one hand

while pulling it back in the other and letting go. She then hit the top of the drum

with the drumstick. Theresa's investigation is most likely about -

how objects produce light
vibrations producing sound
lab safety
how to record music
The ability to do work comes from -




light and thermal

Which of the following types of energy come from the


sound and light

thermal and sound
light and chemical

Look at the devices below.



All of these devices produce -
magnetic force

sound can only be made by living organisms

vibrations produce sound
all sounds made by humans originate in the neck
vibrations limit sound

Sam hummed. While he hummed he touched his throat.

He felt his neck vibrate. Sam realized that the vibrations

in his neck were related to the sound of his humming.

This is because -



Which of the following can be mixed to form a solution?
sand and water
oil and water
salt and water
black pepper and water
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