Matter Test 2
 29 g
5 g
5 g
What is the mass of the teddy bear?
 30 g
25 g
1 g
 31 g
 26 g
5 g
Which lists physical properties of this candy?
 round, smooth, red, white, sour
 red, white, round, hungry
 red, white, sweet, hard, round
 red, white, soft, clear
What conclusion can be drawn from this experiment?
 Diet Coke is less dense than Coke.
 Coke is less dense than water.
 Diet Coke has more mass than water.
 Coke is less dense than Diet Coke.
40 mL
80 mL
What is the
volume of the
 10 mL
 80 mL
 30 mL
 40 mL
 balloons have mass
 air is a solid
What can we conclude from the experiment?
 all balloons float
 air has mass
What is the name of this tool and what is it used for?
 measuring tape, measures length or distance
 metric ruler, measures length or distance
 metric ruler, measures mass
 meter stick, measures volume
What is the name of the tool pictured, and what is it
used for?
beaker, measures volume in mL.
graduated cylinder, measures volume in mL.
safety goggles, used to protect eyes.
flask, used to measure liquids.
 42 g
What is the mass of the apple?
 52 g
 41 g
5 g
1 g
1 g
10 g
25 g
 47 g
Why does a marble sink but a beach ball will float?
the marble has more mass
the marble has more density
the marble has more volume
the beach ball has more density
A student recorded the following physical
properties while observing an item:
The student was probably describing a
always keeps it's shape
particles are close together
can be stacked
does not flow
 all of these
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