(SCI) Rocks and Minerals
  • 1. Using size is a good way to figure out what kind of mineral something is.
A) True
B) False
  • 2. Shape, size, color, and texture are all rock _______.
A) dynamics
B) ingredients
C) properties
D) types
  • 3. The study of the Earth is __________.
A) Geopolotics
B) Geology
C) Sciology
D) Anthropology
  • 4. Minerals are made up of only one __________.
A) dirt
B) color
C) Earth material
D) property
  • 5. We know that a rock fizzes in cold acid if it contains __________.
A) calcite
B) quartz
C) granite
D) gypsum
  • 6. The hardest mineral on the Earth is __________.
A) diamond
B) calcite
C) feldspar
D) mica
  • 7. The _________ scale measures hardness.
A) Geo
B) Mohs
C) Anderson
D) volume
  • 8. _______ patterns left from minerals after evaporation can help us identify minerals.
A) Streak
B) Geo
C) Crystal
D) Filling
  • 9. A ________ object will always scratch a softer object.
A) sharp
B) softer
C) harder
D) flakey
  • 10. The measurement around a rock is called the _____________.
A) depth
B) width
C) circumference
D) diameter
  • 11. A student wrote in her journal, "A rock is like a chocolate chip cookie." What do you think she meant when she wrote that sentence?
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