(SCI) Soil and Plants: Unit Test
  • 1. Circle the letter of the answer that best shows how seeds from plants can be spread.
A) water, air, animals and bolting
B) animals and wind
C) wind, rain and animals
D) rain storms and wind
  • 2. The seed has three parts. These parts are.....
A) roots, leaves, and stem
B) seed coat, seedling and stored food
C) seed coat, leaves and roots
D) seed coat, stem, roots and food
  • 3. The leaves are very important to the plant. They help the plant make
A) water
B) carbon dioxide
C) food
D) light
  • 4. What part of the plant absorbs minerals and water from the soil?
A) roots
B) flower
C) stem
D) leaves
  • 5. The part of the plant that takes in air and light for the plant so that the plant can make food is called?
A) roots
B) leaves
C) flower
D) stem
  • 6. The part of the leaf that gives it its green color is called
A) photosynthesis
B) photochlor
C) carbon dioxide
D) chlorophyll
  • 7. For photosynthesis to happen the plant must take in water, carbon dioxide and _________
A) oxygen
B) light
C) warmth
D) food
  • 8. Plants and animals need the ____________ found in soil to survive.
A) rock
B) humus
C) minerals
D) insects
  • 9. The type of soil that is best for growing plants is called
A) sand
B) loam
C) dirt
D) clay
  • 10. This part of the plant moves the minerals and water from the roots to the rest of the plant.
A) plant post
B) leaves
C) stem
D) flower
  • 11. Both seeds and plants need ______________ to survive.
A) water
B) light
C) air
D) animals
  • 12. Seeds will grow into a plant that looks like the plant it came from.
A) False
B) True
  • 13. What part of the plant helps keep the plant from being blown away by the wind or washed away by the rain.
A) seeds
B) roots
C) stem
D) leaves
  • 14. This part of the plant helps support or hold the plant up off the ground.
A) flower
B) stem
C) roots
D) leaves
  • 15. The process by which a plant makes its own food is called
A) food chain
B) photosynthesis
C) carbon dioxide
D) chlorophyll
  • 16. Soil is made up of all but one of the choices. Circle the choice that is not part of soil.
A) weathered rock
B) decayed plants and animals
C) living insects
D) air
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