Dremel 3D20 Safety Test: General Safety and Best Practices
  • 1. Keep the work area clean and _____.
A) well lit
B) organized
C) shiny
D) static free
E) dry
  • 2. Do not use the Dremel 3D20 in _____ locations.
A) stuffy
B) dangerous
C) loud
D) busy
E) damp
  • 3. In case of an emergency, _____ the Dremel.
A) cool off
B) smash
C) turn off
D) run from
E) unplug
  • 4. Do not use the Dremel while you are _____.
A) hungry
B) afraid
C) stressed
D) sad
E) tired
  • 5. Do not use the Dremel while you are _____.
A) intoxicated
B) excited
C) stressed
D) distracted
E) thirsty
  • 6. Do not wear _____ clothing or jewelry.
A) black
B) loose
C) expensive
D) ripped
E) flashy
  • 7. Do not touch the extruder tip until it has cooled down to __ degrees.
A) 40
B) 70
C) 50
D) 80
E) 60
  • 8. Do not use the Dremel to create _____ or inappropriate objects.
A) scarey
B) illegal
C) ugly
D) religious
E) sharp
  • 9. PLA plastic IS suitable for _____ applications.
A) food
B) mechanical
C) electrical
D) heat
E) chemical
  • 10. The object may build incorrectly if the _____is bumped during operation.
A) extruder
B) door
C) lid
D) build plate
E) power cord
  • 11. Changing the filament _____ building will cancel the object and may damage the extruder.
A) after
B) before
C) during
  • 12. Do not pull the filament out unless instructed by the touch screen.
A) true
B) false
  • 13. The Dremel will not work properly with a damaged extruder and will require replacement.
A) true
B) false
  • 14. Sudden tool slip and improper body position during object removal from the build platform may result in _____.
A) wasted time
B) a mess
C) wasted materials
D) personal injury
  • 15. _____ in the build platform will result in improper object creation.
A) Scratches
B) Drawings
C) Build files
D) Build tape
  • 16. Always _____ the Dremel before performing any service procedures.
A) oil
B) pray for
C) unplug
D) clean
E) turn off
  • 17. Always use _____.
A) the instructions
B) build tape
C) an SD card
D) common sense
E) your brain
  • 18. Ensure your build platform is _____ before every object.
A) level
B) cool
C) heated up
D) clean
E) shiney
  • 19. Ensure the spool is installed properly and can _____.
A) rotate
B) heat up
C) change colors
D) cool down
E) reverse
  • 20. Remove your objects from the build platform _____.
A) gently
B) with force
C) with a hammer
D) with grease
E) with heat
  • 21. It is important to _____ the Dremel begin building objects.
A) listen to
B) help
C) watch
  • 22. Always _____ the build platform to remove objects.
A) cool down
B) heat up
C) firmly grasp
D) grease
E) remove
  • 23. You can determine if you have enough filament for a build by using _____.
A) length
B) volume
C) weight
D) surface area
E) perimeter
  • 24. When changing the filament, allow the new filament to _____ before starting a new job.
A) extrude
B) solidify
C) cool down
D) change colors
E) heat up
  • 25. Remove the _____ before loading and unloading filament.
A) object
B) power cord
C) build platform
D) build tape
E) object tool
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