Dremel 3D 20 Test: Glossary of Terms
__1. Build PlatformA. The flat surface used by your Dremel to build objects
__2. Build Platform ClipB. Helps objects stick to the build plate
__3. Build TapeC. Located on the front panel to allow access inside the Dremel
__4. Build VolumeD. Located at the front of the platform to secure it in place
__5. DoorE. Where filament is inserted for builds
__6. ExtruderF. 3D space an object takes up once it is built
__7. Extruder fanG. Located on the top to allow access to the Dremel
__8. Extruder IntakeH. Stops the extruder at the end of travel
__9. LidI. Uses gears and heat to push filament out
__10. Limit SwitchJ. Cools the extruder and outer assembly
__11. Extruder Push LeverA. Used to loosen the grip of the extruder gear motor
__12. Extruder TipB. Threadlike spool of plastic material
__13. FilamentC. Nozzel where filament is pushed out
__14. Filament Guide TubeD. Piece that filament is wound and stored for use
__15. Filament SpoolE. Located under the platform used for spacing
__16. Leveling KnobsF. Common tool used to remove small objects
__17. Leveling ToolG. Guides filament spool
__18. Needle Nose PliersH. Pad with markings and directions for use
__19. Object Removal ToolI. Made from corn starch
__20. PLAJ. Used to separate objects from the build platform
__21. .3Dremel FileA. Portable memory card
__22. .G3Drem FileB. Used to clear the extruder from debris
__23. .STL FileC. Common 3D file format
__24. SD CardD. File format compatible with Dremel
__25. Spool LockE. Color display that is touch activated
__26. Touch ScreenF. Dremel digital file format
__27. Unclog ToolG. Locks the filament spool to the spool holder
__28. X-Axis Guide railsH. Moves the extruder left and right
__29. Y-Axis Guide railsI. Moves the extruder front and back
__30. Z-Axis Guide railsJ. Moves the extruder up and down
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