Book of John Test
  • 1. Which of the following stories DOES NOT appear in the book of John?
A) Feeding the 5000
B) Jesus' birth
C) Thomas doubting Jesus' resurrection
D) Wedding at Cana
E) Jesus' death
  • 2. Which is a major theme of John?
A) Light
B) Sheep
C) Sand
D) Dark
E) Water
  • 3. This story only appears in the Book of John.
A) Jesus being baptized
B) Water to Wine
C) Jesus healing a blind man
D) Feeding 5000
E) Peter denying Jesus
  • 4. Who baptized Jesus?
A) John
B) Joseph
C) Peter
D) Pharisees
E) Mary
  • 5. What group of people were always trying to find a crime that Jesus committed so they could put him to death?
A) Pharisees
B) Samarians
C) Saducees
D) Roman Soldiers
E) Gentiles
  • 6. In the book of John, and as we discussed in class, Jesus heals people in two ways.
A) Physically and Heartily
B) Physically & Spiritually
C) Spiritually and Heartily
D) Spiritually and Singally
E) Physically and Singularity
  • 7. Why does the woman at the well believe in Jesus?
A) She sees a special light around him
B) He tells her about her whole life
C) He helps her get water
D) He gives her money
E) He performs a miracle for the crowd
  • 8. What does the boy bring Jesus to help feed the 5000?
A) 5 loaves and 2 fish
B) 5000 loaves and 2000 fish
C) 100 silver coins
D) A barrel of apples
E) Dried meat and fish
  • 9. Describe a situation where you would want to put the words that Jesus said into action. "He who has not sinned should throw the first stone"
  • 10. Describe 3 ways in which Jesus heals people in the book of John.
  • 11. One of the themes of the Book of John is Jesus acceptance of all people. Give two examples of how Jesus is accepting of people who other may reject or be mean to.
  • 12. In the book of John, who doubts that Jesus has risen from the dead?
A) Peter
B) John
C) Jacob
D) Paul
E) Thomas
  • 13. True or False: Shortly before his death, Jesus was welcomed by people when he entered Jerusalem.
A) True
B) False
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