8N4 Applications of Percent: Tax
Mustafa buys a book that costs $12.50.
If the sales tax is 8%, what is the total cost
of the book?
Tai went to a shopping mall. He spent $25.75 on a shirt,
$15.49 on a hat, and $9.95 on a poster, before tax.
Tax was 8.25% on all purchases.
What was the total cost of Tai’s purchases,
including tax?

Ben wants to buy a guitar that is on sale for $247.49.

Ben must pay 7.25% sales tax in addition to the

sale price of the guitar. What is the total amount

Ben must pay for the guitar?


Molly is in White Plains, buying shoes. She wants to

buy a pair for $39.99. The sales tax is 8.375%.

What is the total cost for the shoes?


Greg is in Port Chester having dinner with his family.

The cost of their meals is $92.

Sales tax is 7.375%.

What is the total cost for the dinner,

not including tip?


George buys a phone for $79.99.

The sales tax is 7.5%.

What is the total cost for the phone?


Paul is buying a home entertainment system

that costs $499.99. The sales tax is 8%.

How much does he have to pay in all?

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