• 1. Most tornadoes form from ________.
A) thunderstorms
B) hurricanes
C) cyclones
  • 2. Where do tornadoes mostly form in the United States?
A) Midwest
B) northeast
C) southwest
  • 3. The area of the U.S. where there are the most tornadoes is called ____________.
A) Tornado Storm Street
B) Tornado Alley
C) Tornado Walkway
  • 4. What is a tornado called that forms over water?
A) water tornado
B) water storm
C) waterspout
  • 5. Tornadoes have occurred in Canada. The provinces that have seen the most tornadoes are ______________
A) British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland
B) New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec
C) Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario
  • 6. A tornado ________ is when a tornado has been sighted. TAKE SHELTER IMMEDIATELY!
A) review
B) warning
C) watch
  • 7. What measures the intensity of a tornado? (How bad it is.)
A) Tornado Scale
B) Saffri-Simpson
C) Tortilla Scale
D) Fujita Scale
  • 8. This is a rotating cone-shaped column of air that goes downward from the base of a thunderstorm.
A) stratus cloud
B) cumulus cloud
C) funnel cloud
D) cirrus cloud
  • 9. Tornadoes occur LEAST often in this month.
A) January
B) June
C) May
  • 10. In the Wizard of Oz, the tornado was referred to as a cyclone (spinning air). Today, cyclones refer ONLY to hurricanes in the Indian Ocean. What is another name for a TORNADO now-a-days? (Hint: There was a movie by this name)
A) Storm Surge
B) Spiral Storm
C) Twister
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