The Down and Up Fall
  • 1. We_____our cafeteria into a beautiful garden by using flowers and foil to decorate.
A) corridor
B) transformed
C) apparently
D) investigate
  • 2. Who can we ask to ______the mystery for us?
A) decor
B) enthusiastically
C) corridor
D) investigate
  • 3. We tried not to make noise as we tiptoed along the long_____.
A) decor
B) corridor
C) apparently
D) transformed
  • 4. That is the mother wolf, and these_____are her pups.
A) apparently
B) transformed
C) enthusiastically
D) investigate
  • 5. The choir sang the school song loudly and_____.
A) corridor
B) enthusiastically
C) decor
D) investigate
  • 6. The______in the old castle was elegant and fit with the style of the mansion.
A) investigate
B) decor
C) apparently
D) transformed
  • 7. This selection is most like realistic fiction for all of the following reasons except that the story______.
A) setting could be in a real place
B) characters are like those in real life
C) event could really happen
D) took place a long time ago
  • 8. Why does Bolivia want to take Lucette to the rain forest?
A) She wants to show off the parrot.
B) It sounds like fun.
C) The parrot will feel at home there.
D) Lucette wants to go there.
  • 9. For parrots and snakes, a tropical rain forest______.
A) is a natural habitat
B) is a hard place in which to live
C) is an unusual place in which to live
D) has a climate that may kill them
  • 10. What does Bolivia worry will happen if she brings Lucette to school?
A) that Mr. Peters will tell her to take the parrot home
B) that it might be too stressful for Lucette
C) that Dr. Osborne will be affraid of the parrot
D) that it will be too warm and humid for Lucette
  • 11. Why does Uncle Lou deliver Lucette to the school in the afternoon?
A) Lucette is a nervous parrot.
B) It is very noisy there.
C) He has to take pictures of the rain forest for the newspaper.
D) Bolivia doesn't want the bird at school all day.
  • 12. How are tropical rain forests and botanical gardens alike?
A) They are in South America.
B) They both have visitors.
C) They have snakes and birds.
D) Tropical plants grow there.
  • 13. Lucette probably syas "Happy New Year" because she_____.
A) hears Dr. Osborne scream
B) is afraid of people
C) feels at home in the rain forest
D) thinks that she's at a party
  • 14. To create a simulation of a rain forest, the members of the nature club do all the following except______.
A) bring animals
B) use an electric heater and humidifier
C) paint trees and plants
D) turn on the sprinkler system
  • 15. What causes the unexpected shower in the rain forest?
A) too much humidity and closed windows
B) the heat setting off the sprinklers
C) a hole in the ceiling
D) the humidifier
  • 16. Kenny named his snakes after two famous_______.
A) scientists
B) presidents
C) teachers
D) astronauts
  • 17. Who shows a calm nature by responding to the sprinkler event by saying "This is how we keep education alive and exciting"?
A) Mr. Peters
B) Mr. Golding
C) the custodian
D) Dr. Osborne
  • 18. why does Dr. Osborne say she will never forget the afternoon or the snakes?
A) She thinks that having the snakes and Lucette there is silly.
B) She doesn't like snakes or getting wet.
C) She doesn't like the idea of a rain forest in school.
D) She is annoyed that students brought dirt into the school.
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