Gold Rush
  • 1. Grandma _____to her grandchildren to come inside for freshly baked cookies and milk.
A) rugged
B) fares
C) abandoned
D) beckons
  • 2. As we were hiking in the countryside, we discovered an_____old run-down farmhouse.
A) abandoned
B) multicultural
C) profitable
D) fares
  • 3. Each school year our principal assigns one month as____month, and we study about people from many parts of the world.
A) beckons
B) multicultural
C) profitable
D) rugged
  • 4. The babysitting business we started turned out to be very_____and we made lots of money.
A) fares
B) profitable
C) abandoned
D) rugged
  • 5. Airplane_____are always more expensive at busy times.
A) multicultural
B) fares
C) beckons
D) abandoned
  • 6. Pioneers traveling west had to be strong, determined, and____to survive the rigors of the trip.
A) abandoned
B) profitable
C) multicultural
D) rugged
  • 7. This nonfiction selection is most like an informational book because it_____.
A) is a series of questions and answers
B) gives information on a particular topic
C) expresses the author's opinion
D) is written in the first person
  • 8. According to this selection, many people moved to the unsettled West in the early 1800's for all the following except_____.
A) the eastern cities were getting crowded
B) people wanted to own their own land
C) land in the East was getting expensive
D) men wanted to ranch
  • 9. The "forty-niners" were prospectors during the_____.
A) Alaska gold rush
B) Klondike gold rush
C) gold fever
D) California gold rush
  • 10. The Klondike gold rush of the Yukon was_____the California gold rush.
A) fifty years after
B) the same time as
C) a hundred years after
D) fifty years before
  • 11. In the early days out west, a prospector would leave his tools on the ground of unsettled land as a way of_____.
A) being ready to work at all times
B) being careless
C) staking a claim to the land
D) having someone take them
  • 12. It is important to register a land claim because then the prospector could do all of the following with the land except____.
A) claim jump
B) prove ownership
C) sell it
D) buy it
  • 13. The gold found just below the ground's surface is______.
A) a gold nugget
B) placer gold
C) washed gold
D) buried gold
  • 14. According to the selection, new gold miners were sometimes referred to as_____.
A) gold horns
B) greenhorns
C) grubstakes
D) gold dusters
  • 15. I n this selection, a cradle is used to_____.
A) break away large pieces of rock
B) mine gold
C) rock a baby to sleep
D) wash large amounts of gold
  • 16. According to the selection, many people traveled in wagon trains out west because_____.
A) it was safer and people could help each other along the way
B) they traveled in a covered wagon
C) they could eat each other's food
D) it was lonelier and people would need less food
  • 17. Sometimes, in order for a prospector to start mining, he had to_____.
A) stake a claim jump
B) find a grubstake
C) build flumes
D) go to a boom town
  • 18. What did many of the former miners in California decide to do for work?
A) go back home
B) farm in the valley
C) make fake gold
D) build large jewelry businesses
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