4th ELA 4th Qtr Test
  • 1. My Uncle David is a professor of geology. What type of noun is 'professor'?
A) place
B) thing
C) person
D) proper
  • 2. The old ashes can remain in the bottom of the grill. Which would is a plural noun?
A) ashes
B) grill
C) bottom
D) old
  • 3. Many citizens came to America from foreign countries. Which word is an example of a proper noun?
A) citizens
B) America
C) countries
D) foreigh
  • 4. America's colonist, at first, were loyal to England. Which word is a singular possessive noun?
A) loyal
B) America's
C) colonist
D) England
  • 5. The politicians' supporters are usually Republican or Democrat. Which word is a plural possessive noun?
A) politicians'
B) supporters
C) Democrat
D) Republician
  • 6. The abbreviation, 'Sen.' stand for what word?
A) Senior
B) Sense
C) Sometimes
D) Senator
  • 7. Which action verb should be used in the sentence? He ____ music lessons once a week.
A) applaud
B) encourage
C) work
D) takes
  • 8. Which sentence is an example of a future tense verb?
A) Marco studies insects.
B) He will take a class to learn about them.
C) He talked about them in science class.
D) Marco says insects are fascinating creatures.
  • 9. Which word in the following sentence is an adjective? The tall trees line the streets.
A) trees
B) tall
C) streets
D) line
  • 10. Which sentence uses an article correctly?
A) You might see an deer.
B) A visit is a unforgettable experience.
C) An park has more than 60 kinds of animals.
D) Bicycling is an interesting way to see the valley.
  • 11. Which adjective compares something in the following sentence? The Chihuahua is the smallest of all dogs.
A) all
B) smallest
C) dogs
D) Chihuahua
  • 12. Which sentence is correct?
A) You are a good kid.
B) You are a gooder kid.
C) My friend thinks cotton candy is the gooder food of all.
D) My friend thinks cotton candy is the goodest food of all.
  • 13. Choose the correct synonym for the word: sad
A) disappointed
B) joyful
C) happy
D) wild
  • 14. Choose the correct antonym for the word: often
A) tiny
B) frequently
C) always
D) rarely
  • 15. Select a pronoun to replace the words in ( ). Before (you and I) can find a special type of rock, (you and I) have to learn where to look for it.
A) us, us
B) we, we
C) us, we
D) he, she
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