ELA Post Test
  • 1. Dictionary: dazzle v. 1. to lose clear vision from looking at bright light 2. to shine brilliantly to arouse admiration by a remarkable display 3. to overpower with light 4. to amaze with deep brilliance The antique diamond dazzled onlooker with its shape and beauty. Which definition fits the meaning of the word 'dazzled' in the sentence above?
A) definition 2
B) definition 1
C) definition 3
D) definition 4
  • 2. Like a bird in a cage, Anya perched by the window, waiting for summer to end. The August sun had tired her out, and only the chilly fall days would bring her back to life. Then one morning, Anya opened the door to see colorful autumn leaves dancing before her. They were ballet dancers twirling in the wind. With a thrill of happiness, Anya stepped onto the porch, welcoming the cool morning like a long-lost friend. The author is comparing Anya to:
A) autumn leaves
B) ballet dancers
C) the sun
D) a bird
  • 3. Which sentence uses the correct pronoun forms?
A) Bonnie and me made chocolate chip cookies for our neighbor.
B) Bonnie and me made chocolate chip cookies for us neighbor.
C) Bonnie and I made chocolate chip cookies for our neighbor.
D) Bonnie and I made chocolate chip cookies for us neighbor.
  • 4. (1)'Guts' is a team sport that began in America during the 1960s. (2) Playing guts involves throwing a flying disc (similar to a Frisbee) at opposing team members to score points. (3) The unusual name of this sport comes from the fact that a thrown disc can reach speeds of up to 50 mph and a team member certainly needs guts (courage) to reach out and catch it with his or her bare hand! (4) To play guts, you will need two teams. (5) These teams should stand in parallel lines across a field. (6) Choose one person on each team to be a disc thrower. (7) He or she will throw the disc as hard as possible at the other team. (8) If you catch the disc, then you earn a point for your team. (9) If the disc hits you, then the other team earns a point. (10) Guts is a fun outdoor activity that anyone can enjoy. Read this sentence: "Guts teams range in size from one to five players on each team" Where would this sentence best fit in the passage?
A) after sentence 4
B) after sentence 9
C) before sentence 1
D) before sentence 8
  • 5. Which sentence uses correct punctuation?
A) "Where is my Cereal." Tina asked her mother!
B) "Where is my cereal!" Tina asked her mother?
C) "Where is my cereal?" Tina asked her mother.
D) "Where is my cereal" Tina asked her mother?
  • 6. Sherry and her family are planning a trip to Egypt. They want to stop in Dubai on the way there and Morocco on the way back. Which reference resource would be the most useful to them?
A) atlas
B) dictionary
C) glossary
D) newspaper
  • 7. Great! I cannot wait to see you tonight! Which is an interjection in the sentence above?
A) see
B) tonight
C) Great
D) wait
  • 8. greta was a german foreign exchange student who stayed with my family and me during july of last summer. Which words in the sentence above should be capitalized?
A) greta, german, july, foreign
B) greta, july, summer
C) greta, german, july, summer
D) greta, german, july
  • 9. Erika spent most of her summer days on the beach by the ocean. On other days Erika played sand volleyball and tennis. It was not very often that she stayed indoors. By the end of the summer, Erika's skin was golden. She was very sad to see the end of summer come so soon. Which sentence from the passage is the best example of imagery?
A) "By the end of summer, Erika's skin was golden."
B) "It was not very often that she stayed indoors."
C) "She was very sad to see the end of summer come so soon."
D) "On other days, Erika played sand volleyball and tennis."
  • 10. Martha watched as her mother skillfully 'diced' vegetables and tossed them into the skillet. Her skill of cutting vegetables this way always amazed Martha. She felt like her mother was an artist creating a work of art. What does the word 'diced' mean in the above passage?
A) stitch
B) make
C) hold
D) cut
  • 11. Photo blogs are becoming more and more popular. Some blog themes include interesting hairdos peculiar animals, and clever food designs. These blogs are meant to make people laugh. Blog writers post photos on the internet. Viewers can also email photos to the writers. Then, people write humorous comments about the pictures. Some of the blogs receive thousands of hits each day. Sometimes, book companies even pay the writers to make books about their blogs. Read the following sentence from the passage: 'Some log themes include interesting hairdos, peculiar animals, and clever food designs.' Which word is an 'antonym' for 'peculiar'?
A) horrible
B) unusual
C) ridiculous
D) common
  • 12. The beginning of the school year can be an exciting time. It can also be a scary, stressful time. The summer is gone, and it is time to work again. The teachers have dozens of new students to meet and work with. The students have several new teachers to meet and try to understand. Old friends have left, and old enemies are still around. There are new class schedules and locker combinations to learn. There is just so much to think about! To make the year a little stressful, try leaving last year behind. Sometimes, you remember something mean someone said about you. Maybe you remember someone who did something that was just really foolish. The new school year is a chance to start over with a clean slate. Give others the chance to do better this year, and maybe they'll give you a clean slate, too! The second paragraph is mostly about:
A) Why the beginning of the school year is so hard for students.
B) Why the beginning of the school year is hard for students.
C) How to beat the stress and have a great new school year.
D) How to adjust to a brand new school and make new friends.
  • 13. Which word in the following sentence is a modal verb? 'Marcie might earn a free ice cream if she helps Mrs. Vogel with her garden.'
A) free
B) earn
C) helps
D) might
  • 14. Which of the following sentences paints the MOST vivid picture?
A) The car was bought from a dealership outside of town. The owner did this to save money.
B) The car was shiny, new and stylish. It was red with a silver trim on the edges. It was very comfortable and roomy inside.
C) The car was brand new. It was clean and comfortable and gave good mileage The owner was very happy.
D) The car was sitting in the car lot when the agent pointed it out to the owner. He instantly liked it.
  • 15. Right now, we have only baseball, football and soccer. Sports are great, but some kids are not athletic. Students at our school might enjoy an after-school science club. They could do simple experiments that are not done in class. Also an art club would be fun. Students could work on painting, drawing, or pottery. A writing club would also be great because a lot of students at our school really enjoy writing in class. Many kids like sports, but it is important for everyone to find a fun activity to join. Which makes the BEST introductory statement for this paragraph?
A) It would be great if our school had a hockey team.
B) Baseball, football, and soccer are fun sports to play.
C) Our teachers run all of the after-school activities.
D) Our school should offer more after-school activities.
  • 16. Basketball EARLY HISTORY: A physical Education teacher named James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. He needed a sport for his students to play inside during the winter months. Naismith nailed a peach basket to each end of a high rail. Players tried to throw a soccer ball into the basket. Now hoops are used instead of peach baskets. RULES OF THE GAME: James Naismith wrote the original rules for basketball a few years later. Players were not allowed to carry the ball down the court. Instead, they had to pass, or toss, the ball down the court. Dribbling was introduced in later years. Players were also not allowed to push or hit each other. Breaking game rules was called a foul. THE FIRST COLLEGE BASKETBALL GAME: In 1896, the University of Iowa played against the University of Chicago. This was the first college basketball game using five players on each team. In 1940, a college basketball game was shown on television for the first time. Now millions of people watch college basketball. NCAA BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT: More colleges began to play basketball. In 1939, eight teams came together to compete. This was the first NCAA Basketball Tournament. Each team played basketball against the other teams until one team was left. There are now 65 college teams playing in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. John is reading an article about basketball. He want to know more about the sport's invention. Under Which heading would he find this information?
  • 17. A hush fell over the crowd as Una skated across the ice rink. She was going to attempt a double axel, which no other ten-year-old skater had ever done in her class. Una glided toward the center of the ice rink. She took a deep breath and thought, (All right, I can do this. It's just going to e like in practice.) Without another thought, Una took the leap. She landed the jump to the sound of roaring applause. What is the purpose of the words in ( )'s in the passage above?
A) to show Una's thoughts
B) to indicate importance
C) to note the title of a book
D) to present spoken words
  • 18. The pile of leaves Samayra and Joaquin raked in two hours seemed like only a drop in the bucket compared to what was left. However, the thought of earning some money kept them going. What does the phrase 'a drop in the bucket' mean?
A) The amount of something that will fit in a bucket.
B) The time it takes to complete a small task.
C) A very little part of something large or whole.
D) When something is only slightly wet or damp.
  • 19. The little girl's coat was ____________. Fill in the blank with the most descriptive phrase or words.
A) fire engine red
B) buttoned up
C) looked warm
D) too small
  • 20. Palmer, R.R., Joel Colton, and Lloyd Kramer. A History of the Modern World: To 1815. 9th ed. New York: Knopf, 2002. In the reference citing above, who is the publisher of the book?
A) 9th ed.
B) Palmer
C) Knopf
D) New York
  • 21. Grandpa's Tales by Tina Tocco By dusk there is little to do. The horses are bedded down. The barn is tired from its long day. The chickens retire to their coops. Our ones agree. We sit on the porch or the grass or the couch. We listen to Grandpa tell his tales. They are olden tales we can only imagine. His tales are birds taking flight. They are beautiful and quick. They have wings and a destination. His tales are like flowing rivers. They rage and they turn. They are strong. They have endings we need to reach. Which of the following is an example of a metaphor from the poem?
A) His tales are birds taking flight
B) His tales are like flowing rivers.
C) The chickens retire to their coops.
D) The barn is tired from its long day.
  • 22. SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - On a recent trip to South America, a team of scientists discovered a new type of insect. Scientists have named them Flash Bugs. They believe that Flash Bugs have been around for over 1,000 years. Although the insects have been around for a long time, they lived in an unexplored region of the rain forest. The team of scientists stumbled onto the insect when they were lost in the rain forest. The Flash Bug is said to be in the same family as the common firefly. Like the firefly, it can produce light. However, unlike a firefly, its body is bright red with green accents. The Flash Bug is very fast, and it can breathe fire. It can fly quickly to escape other insects that may try to eat it. Scientists hope to learn more about the Flash Bug by studying them carefully. Which is the best summary of the new article?
A) During a trip, a team of scientists discovers a new insect. The insect is like a firefly but has some differences.
B) An insect is discovered by lost scientists in South America. The team of scientists finds the insect just by accident.
C) A new insect is in the same family as the firefly. The main difference is that its body is bright red with green accents.
D) The new South American insects are called Flash Bugs. Scientists believe that the insects are over 1,000 years old.
  • 23. Coast redwoods are the tallest trees in the world. The tallest one measures at 379 feet. These trees are found in southern Oregon and in northern and central California. The trees lie within 50 miles of the coast because they depend on moisture from the Pacific Ocean to help them survive dry summers. They also need a rainy winter season to help them grow. If the conditions are right, the coast redwoods can grow two to three feet in height in one year. If they do not get enough rain and sunlight, they may only grow one inch in a year. This passage was mostly likely written to:
A) Entertain readers with a story about how coastal redwoods grow.
B) Persuade readers to live somewhere near the coastal redwoods.
C) Inform readers about the growth habits of coastal redwoods.
D) Express to readers strong feelings about coastal redwood.
  • 24. The musicians loaded their instruments onto the bus first thing in the morning What does the pronoun 'their' refer to?
A) musicians
B) bus
C) morning
D) instruments
  • 25. Another fact about Theodore Roosevelt is his involvement in the Rough Riders. The Rough Riders was a volunteer army unit that fought during the Spanish-American War. They are known for their bravery. What is the transitional word in the above information?
A) about
B) another
C) known
D) during
  • 26. Many of the people who try out for the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance, can't cut the mustard. The judges dismiss anyone they think will not be able to learn the dance steps and perform well. The most talented dancers make it to the finals. Which phrase could replace 'can't cut the mustard'?
A) do not meet the show's standards
B) act crazy to try to get on the show
C) do not know how to use a knife
D) get stains on their dance costumes
  • 27. Look at the Thesaurus entries below: firm - adj. determined, resolved, unchangeable (STICKING TO A GOAL) firm - adj. tough, hard, stiff (SOLD) firm - n. business, practice, organization, enterprise (COMPANY) Which word would best replace 'firm' in the sentence below? The apple remained firm even after it had rolled down two flights of stairs.
A) unchangeable
B) determined
C) enterprise
D) hard
  • 28. Gabi could not find the answer for the math problem. The teacher had to explain the solution on the board. Which of these word PAIRS are synonyms?
A) explain - math
B) find - board
C) problem - solution
D) answer - solution
  • 29. Which sentence is written correctly?
A) Kurt did not know whether he should wait until the storm was over and leave then.
B) Kurt did not know if he should wait until the storm was over nor leave then.
C) Kurt did not know if he should wait until the storm was over then leave then.
D) Kurt did not know whether he should wait until the storm was over or leave then
  • 30. I forgot to bring my homework to school. ____________! Which interjection correctly fills this blank?
A) After
B) There
C) Whoops
D) And
  • 31. The gentle knock on the door was too quiet to be heard over the roaring music. Which word is an adjective from the sentence above?
A) door
B) heard
C) gentle
D) music
  • 32. The Ford Mustang __________ in 1964 at the New York World's Fair, and since then, it _________ one of the most popular cars in the United States. What goes in the blanks?
A) will be introduced - has been
B) has introduced - will be
C) was introduced - has been
D) was introducing - is being
  • 33. Wanda was new in class. She was funny and smart, and I was dying to be her friend. Sometimes she'd talk to me. But other times, she'd flip her long dark hair around to talk to Eve who sat behind us, like I didn't even exist. Eve wanted to be Wanda's friend as much as I did, only she'd never admit it. Wanda, eve and I spent all our time together. Every day, we'd regroup for lunch in the cafeteria, and Wanda would give us dangerous tasks to do. "Hey Beth," she whispered to me, "here's your assignment. Go Switch your cookie for Steve's cupcake while he's buying his milk! He won't even notice!" But I usually chickened out and said no, which only made her laugh at me. Looking back, I'm not sure why I even liked her. What is the narrator's name?
A) Steve
B) Beth
C) Wanda
D) Eve
  • 34. Frank said, "my favorite musician is Michael Bolton." What error can be found in the sentence above?
A) Put the period outside the quotation marks.
B) Take out the comma after the word said.
C) Change the word is to are.
D) Capitalize the word my.
  • 35. It takes a lot of practice to master skydiving. This means that a person needs to make a lot of skydiving jumps. For a good jump, there are four basic skills a beginner should learn. They are basic safety, free-falling methods, parachute control, and landing. For basic safety, a skydiver's two parachutes should be checked often. These regular checks make sure that the parachutes do not have problems releasing in a jump. Also, learning free-fall methods helps prevent injuries when landing. These methods put the skydiver in the correct position to release the parachute Parachute control and landing are also key skills. Timing is very important for both skills. The skydiver has to time the release of his or her parachute at the right height. This gives the skydiver time to fix any problems that happen. For a good landing, timing is necessary, too. The skydiver needs time to find a target and to land safely. Mastering the four basic skills can help save a skydiver's life. These skills also make a skydiving jump enjoyable. Which of the following sentences should be added to the conclusion?
A) The skydiver's parachute needs to be packed correctly
B) A parachute needs to be released at 1, 970 feet in the air.
C) The sport of skydiving can be risky but can also be a lot of fun.
D) Formation skydiving is a free-fall method for many people.
  • 36. Which sentence below has correct capitalization?
A) On Saturday, grandma Jackie is taking me to the library.
B) On Saturday, Grandma Jackie is taking me to the library.
C) On Saturday, Grandma Jackie is taking me to the library.
D) On saturday, grandma Jackie is taking me to the library.
  • 37. Lesko, Leonard H. "Pyramids." The World Book Encyclopedia, 2001. According to the source listing, "Pyramids" is....?
A) the name of a magazine
B) an entry in an encyclopedia
C) the author's last name
D) the title of a book.
  • 38. Select the best words to make the sentence clear and precise. To enter the Guinnes Book of World Records, Josh ate _________ of strawberries.
A) a big bag
B) a large amount
C) a lot
D) ten pounds
  • 39. Look at the thesaurus entries below. confuse, v. muddle, stump, puzzle (CAUSE CONFUSION) confuse,v. mistake, mix up (MISIDENTIFY) confuse, v. complicate, muddy (MAKE DIFFICULT) Which word would best replace CONFUSE in the sentence below? Sometimes, I confuse grapefruits and oranges because they look similar.
A) stump
B) muddy
C) puzzle
D) mix up
  • 40. Dijuana and her sister ________ necklaces from stones they gather on their trip next month. What goes in the blank?
A) are making
B) will make
C) is making
D) made
  • 41. When he was 12 years old, Tom loved nothing better than to build models. Models of planes or ships were the most challenging to build. One summer, the young boy spent every evening working on his model of the Star Ship Enterprise, from the original Star Trek TV series. Instead of playing with his friends, Tom sat at his desk, carefully Gluing the tiny plastic pieces in place. When the model was done and mounted on a platform, that star ship was perfect. The model even had engine lights that worked! Tom felt so proud. To him, there was nothing like building something with his own two hands. This story is told from which point of view?
A) third person point of view
B) story shifts from first to third person
C) story shifts from third to first person
D) first person point of view
  • 42. Read the following sentence from a passage. "Then, people write humorous comments about the pictures." Which word is a synonym for humorous?
A) risky
B) amusing
C) crazy
D) hurtful
  • 43. Looking around at the main hall, Carlos did not know any of the kids. His family had just moved to a new town and, now, he had to go to a new school. This meant that Carlos had to start making new friends. However, he could not fine one friendly face in the sea of kids. Out of nowhere, someone pushed Carlos down, and his books scattered everywhere. Carlos picked himself up and started gathering up his books. He picked up his history book first and smoothed the cover. Suddenly, a hand gave him one of his dropped books. Carlos looked up and finally saw a friendly face. He knew he was going to find a friend after all. Which idea is MOST important to include in a summary of this story?
A) "He picked up his history book first and smoothed the cover."
B) "Suddenly, a hand gave him one of his dropped books."
C) "Carlos picked himself up and started gathering up his books."
D) "This meant that Carlos had to start making new friends."
  • 44. In the tale of Narcissus, Narcissus was a young man with great beauty and vanity. He was overly proud of his looks. When he was young, a mountain nymph named Echo fell in love with him. Echo, however, had a problem. She could only repeat what was said to her. Echo tried to approach Narcissus, but he refused her love. Echo was heartbroken, and she spent the rest of her life pining for his love. Narcissus continued to break the hearts of girls because no girl was good enough for him. To punish him for his vanity, the goddess, Nemesis, made him fall in love with himself. One day, Narcissus came across a pool of water and saw his own reflection He saw his own beauty in the water and fell in love with it. Narcissus gazed at his image until he died of hunger and thirst When he died, the Narcissus flower sprang up where he had lain. Even today, the flower still admires its own beauty. In the first paragraph, what does the word 'PINING' mean?
A) to force a tree to grow
B) to put something together
C) to bind two wood pieces
D) to want something a lot
  • 45. Autumn by Tina Tocco On the last day of August the last flower gets tossed like a feather across Harper's field. Its spine is brittle and weak. Its petals are flecks of dust. It cannot hold on. Autumn is kicking up. The wind is a raging storm. It rips the green from the grass, the warmth from the sun. It is early this year. The mighty oaks change their colors--tiny blood-red shields, golden armor, brown blockades. There are millions of them. The wind tears them to nothing. They scatter like summer flowers. They will try again next year. Which of the following lines from the poem is an example of a simile?
A) The wind is a raging storm.
B) Its spine is brittle and weak.
C) The wind tears them to nothing.
D) They scatter like summer flowers.
  • 46. Nathan Borlaug was one of the most famous plant scientists in the world. He worked in Mexico, India, Asia, and Africa helping those farmers produce more food on their land, He developed a type of wheat that could resist a common pest called rust. His father was also a farmer. In India, this type of wheat increased the crop yield so much that they ran out of bags to store the wheat in. Grain production grew faster than the world's population. As a result, the famines that had been predicted for the second half of the 20th century never came. Which of the following sentences from the passage supports the main idea the LEAST?
A) In India, this type of wheat increased the crop yield so much that they ran out of bags to store the wheat in.
B) He worked in Mexico, India Asia, and Africa helping those farmers produce more food on their land.
C) Grain production grew faster than the world's population.
D) His father was also a farmer.
  • 47. Select the comparative form of the adjective 'smart' in the sentence below. Phyllis said Toby ____ than Michael.
A) more smarter
B) smarter
C) smartest
D) most smart
  • 48. Dear Neighbor, I live next door to you in the yellow house. Until you moved in, this was a very quiet street. However, your stereo is so loud that it shakes my windows at night. Please be more courteous and turn your music down. Better yet, get a pair of headphones if you want to listen to loud music. Otherwise, I will have to call the police and report you for disturbing the peace. Sincerely, Martha Higgins What is the author's purpose for writing this passage?
A) to provide information about the local police
B) to instruct her neighbor on the rules of the neighborhood
C) to entertain her neighbor with a funny story
D) to persuade her neighbor to turn down the music
  • 49. Use the correct preposition to complete the sentence. The map shows that the town should be just _____ the hill.
A) over
B) between
C) in
D) during
  • 50. Which of the following sentences is written correctly?
A) At Christmas time aunt Hattie gives us caramel-coated popcorn balls.
B) At Christmas time, Aunt Hattie gives us caramel-coated popcorn balls.
C) At Christmas time, Aunt Hattie gives us Caramel-Coated popcorn balls.
D) At christmas time, Aunt Hattie gives us caramel-coated popcorn balls?
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