PS CH 1 Vocabulary S1 S2 S3 some
__1. Controlled experimentA. organized plan used to gain, organize and share information
__2. HypothesisB. proposed answer to a question
__3. Manipulated variableC. information obtained through the senses
__4. ModelD. well-tested explanation of an observation or experiment
__5. ObservationE. variable that RESPONDS to a change in the manipulated variab
__6. Responsible variableF. variable that CAUSES a change in the other variable
__7. Scientific lawG. experiment in which only one variable is changed
__8. Scientific methodH. a statement that summarizes a pattern found in nature
__9. Scientific theoryI. representation of an object or an event
__10. densityA. how heavy or light something is
__11. lengthB. distance between two points
__12. massC. amount of space taken up by an object
__13. volumeD. ratio of an object's mass to its volume
__14. astronomyA. studies matter and and energy, forces and motion
__15. biologyB. the use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
__16. chemistryC. knowledge about the natural world & methods used to find it
__17. geologyD. studies the universe beyond Earth
__18. physicsE. studies the composition, structure & properties of matter
__19. scienceF. studies the origin, history and structure of the Earth
__20. technologyG. studies life and life processes
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