PS CH 16 S1 & S2 Vocab Quiz
  • 1. the transfer of thermal energy from one object to another because of a difference in temperature
A) temperature
B) vaporization
C) heat
  • 2. a measure of how hot or cold an object is compared to a reference point
A) heat
B) convection
C) temperature
  • 3. a temperature of 0 kelvins
A) absolute zero
B) absolute kelvin
C) freezing temperature
  • 4. the increase in volume of a material when its temperature increases
A) thermal pollination
B) thermal expansion
C) thermal growth
  • 5. the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one gram of a material by one degree Celsius
A) heat of fusion
B) heat of vaporiztion
C) specific heat
  • 6. instrument used to measure thermal energy released or absorbed during a chemical or physical change
A) calorimeter
B) thermometer
C) microscope
  • 7. the transfer of thermal energy with no overall transfer of matter between materials that are touching
A) convection
B) conduction
C) radiation
  • 8. a material that conducts thermal energy well
A) thrmal neutralizer
B) thermal insulator
C) thermal conductor
  • 9. a material that conducts thermal energy poorly
A) thermal conductor
B) thermal insulator
C) thermal neutralizer
  • 10. the transfer of thermal energy when particles of a fluid move from one place to another
A) conduction
B) convection
C) radiation
  • 11. circulation of a fluid in a loop as the fluid alternately heats up and cools down
A) convection insulator
B) radiation
C) convection current
  • 12. the transfer of energy by waves moving through space
A) oscillation
B) hallucination
C) radiation
  • 13. the study of conversions between thermal energy and other forms of energy
A) hydrodynamics
B) electrodynamics
C) thermodynamics
  • 14. any device that converts thermal energy into work
A) energy machine
B) heat pumper
C) heat engine
  • 15. thermal energy discharged into an area at a lower temperature without being converted into useful work
A) waste heat
B) overflow heat
C) spoiled heat
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