Seventh Grade
  • 1. Why did Victor decide to take French?
A) He loves French food.
B) He thought he might travel to France in the future.
C) All is friends were taking French.
D) His parents spoke French.
  • 2. Why had Michael's face changed during the summer?
A) He was having problems at home and was angry all the time.
B) He wanted to look like the models in GQ Magazine.
C) He got in a bike accident and needed surgery.
D) Michael's brother hit him and injured his face.
  • 3. During the summer Victor and Michael did all of the following except...
A) go to camp
B) picked grapes to earn money for new clothes
C) played baseball
D) went to movies
  • 4. At the bottom of page 54 it says "He watched her on the sly." What does that mean?
A) He was watching her in a way that wasn't obvious. He was kind of spying on her.
B) That he was sleeping.
C) That he was staring at her.
D) That he was acting like he was staring at her, but he was really looking a somebody else.
  • 5. According to Victor and the author, Teresa is all the following except...
A) cute
B) good in math
C) a great athlete
D) interested in ballet
  • 6. On page 55, at the end of paragraph 2, it says, "As he trudged to English, he practiced scowling." What does trudged mean?
A) walked slowly
B) skipped
C) crawled
D) ran
  • 7. Which of these sentences from the story has an example of a simile?
A) He felt himself blushing.
B) It was confusing, like the inside of a watch.
C) He sat with Michael, who practiced scowling between bites.
D) Mr. Lucas, a portly man, waddled down the aisle.
  • 8. The fact that Victor like Teresa was known by
A) lots of students
B) Teresa
C) only by Victor
D) only by Michael and Victor
  • 9. When it says that "Everyone was in a sunny mood," what does that mean?
A) Everyone was wearing bathing suits.
B) Everyone wanted to be outside
C) Everyone was tan.
D) Everyone was happy
  • 10. In French class, Victor..
A) made weird faces at the girls hoping to impress them.
B) sat next to Teresa and got in trouble for talking.
C) tried to show the class he knew French by making sounds that sounded like French.
D) sat in the back and studied his math.
  • 11. Teresa
A) told Victor he was a fool for lying about speaking French.
B) ate lunch with Victor.
C) was impressed that Victor knew French.
D) told her friends that she wanted Victor to call her.
  • 12. Mr. Bueller
A) told Teresa that Victor didn't know French.
B) told Victor to take Spanish instead of French.
C) remembered trying to impress girls when he was young and thus didn't tell Teresa about Victor.
D) told Teresa that Victor would make a great tutor.
  • 13. Why was Victor going to the library after school?
A) To check out books so he could learn French.
B) That is where his mother worked.
C) To meet Teresa
D) To get the most recent Harry Potter book.
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