The Sun and Its Planets
  • 1. The earth circles around the sun. The sun is an example of which of the following?
A) a star
B) a planet
C) a comet
D) a moon
  • 2. Earth is one of nine planets in our solar system. Earth is the ______ planet from the sun.
A) fourth
B) fifth
C) sixth
D) third
  • 3. The Sun, Earth, and the Moon are part of our solar system. The solar system is made up of the Sun and everything that ______ it.
A) hears
B) finds
C) orbits
D) touches
  • 4. The nine planets move. The planets _______ around the sun.
A) disappear
B) light
C) heat
D) revolve
  • 5. The sun is a star. Which sentence below uses the word star to describe the sun?
A) My teacher put a red star on my paper.
B) I know that man is a famous rock star.
C) A star is a hot, glowing ball of gases.
D) That lady is a pretty movie star.
  • 6. Which planet is the largest planet in our solar system?
A) Venus
B) Earth
C) Jupiter
D) Mars
  • 7. Some planets are cold and some are hot. Draw a conclusion to tell which planets are the coldest.
A) The planets that have moons.
B) The red planets are the hottest.
C) The planets that are closest to the sun.
D) The ones that are farthest from the sun.
  • 8. Which of the following does not explain why Pluto is an unusual outer planet.
A) It is just too close to the sun.
B) It is such a small planet.
C) It is so rocky.
D) It has a long orbit.
  • 9. Why would there be no life on Venus?
A) It is the closest planet to the sun.
B) It is just too cold on this planet.
C) The planet has no water.
D) It would spin sideways.
  • 10. Which planets do you think are the warmest?
A) The ones closest to the sun.
B) The reddest planets are the warmest.
C) The ones farthest away from the sun.
D) The ones with frozen ice.
  • 11. Read the passage on "The Sun" by Cynthia Sherwood. You will answer questions 11-15. Now answer this question. Where is the sun located?
A) at the center of the Earth
B) at the center of the galaxy
C) at the center of the universe
D) at the center of the solar system
  • 12. The sun is very hot. How hot is the sun's core?
A) twenty seven million degrees
B) five thousand degrees
C) one million degrees
D) ten thousand degrees
  • 13. Which of the following words from the passage was used to describe the sun?
A) It is the hottest star.
B) It is the largest known star.
C) It is a small star.
D) It is an average-sized star
  • 14. Which of the following would you think is not a part of solar energy?
A) heat
B) water
C) light
D) electrical power
  • 15. We have learned about nine planets. The author said that eight planets revolved around the Sun. Draw a conclusion to figure out which planet was not included by the author and why?
A) Pluto: It may not be a "true" planet.
B) Earth: It has living things.
C) Saturn: It has so many rings.
D) Jupiter: It is too big to be a planet.
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