Light and the Eye
  • 1. Something that gives us light is called a...?
A) Magnifier
B) Bulb
C) Reflector
D) Source
  • 2. You can see clearly through .... materials.
A) Transparent
B) Opaque
C) Translucent
D) Lens
  • 3. Light can travel through ....materials but you can't see clearly through them.
A) Transparent
B) Opaque
C) Translucent
  • 4. You can't see through .... materials at all.
A) Opaque
B) Transparent
C) Translucent
  • 5. Which of these is not a source of light?
A) Fire
B) Torch
C) Sun
D) Moon
E) Candle
  • 6. Mirrors, glass, cats' eyes are all examples of...
A) Refractors
B) Sources
C) Metals
D) Reflectors
  • 7. What properties make something a good reflector?
A) Hard and strong
B) Transparent and clear
C) Rough and dull
D) Smooth and shiny
  • 8. What do we need to see?
A) Eyes
B) Sunlight
C) Light
D) Light and eyes
  • 9. What part of the eye controls the amount of light entering the eye?
A) Eyelid
B) Iris
C) Lens
D) Pupil
  • 10. Which part of the eye gives us out eye colour?
A) Retina
B) Iris
C) Eyelid
D) Pupil
  • 11. What is the back part part of the eye, that contains light sensitive cells, called?
A) Lens
B) Iris
C) Retina
D) Optic nerve
  • 12. Which do we call the black part at the centre of the eye?
A) Iris
B) Eyelid
C) Retina
D) Pupil
  • 13. What part of the eye protects it and keeps it clean?
A) Pupil
B) Iris
C) Retina
D) Eyelid
  • 14. What part of the eye focuses light onto the back of the eye?
A) Lens
B) Retina
C) Iris
D) Pupil
  • 15. What part of the eye collects messages and brings them to the brain?
A) Optic nerve
B) Aural nerve
C) Sciatic
D) Ophthalmic nerve
  • 16. During the disappearing coin activity, you could see the coin at the end because the water..... the light.
A) Refracted
B) Magnified
C) Wet
D) Reflected
  • 17. Light travels....
A) very brightly
B) in straight lines
C) very slowly
D) in curved lines
  • 18. Light is a source of .....
A) energy
B) light
C) power
D) heat
  • 19. A rainbow is a good example of the .... of light
A) differences
B) splitting
C) colouring
D) mixing
  • 20. Which of these is not a colour in the rainbow?
A) Green
B) Blue
C) Orange
D) Pink
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