Rocking and Rolling Comprehension
  • 1. Cracks in the block mountains are called _____.
A) bumps
B) faults
C) humps
D) plates
  • 2. How hot is the center of the earth?
A) 9 degrees F
B) 90 degrees F
C) 900 degrees F
D) 9,000 degrees F
  • 3. The outermost layer of the earth is the crust. What is the next layer called?
A) plate
B) mantle
C) outer core
D) inner core
  • 4. What is the magma like?
A) gooey oatmeal
B) an exploding bomb
C) a jigsaw puzzle
D) the back of an elephant
  • 5. Which sentence tells something true about the earth?
A) The earth's plates have drifted apart.
B) The earth's crust is made of metal.
C) There are no mountains under the ocean.
D) People have dug to the center of the earth.
  • 6. An earthquake is cause by ______.
A) magma forcing the earth's crust into a dome
B) a place underground breaking away from another plate
C) a huge wave traveling miles through the ocean
D) outer layers of the earth pressing down on the inner core
  • 7. The shocks from an earthquake _______.
A) go around in circles like a ball at the end of a string
B) build up a wall of mud sliding into a building
C) work outward like ripples from a stone thrown in a lake
D) shoot up like flames from a fire
  • 8. How many earthquakes cause damage?
A) most of them
B) none of them
C) all of them
D) a few of them
  • 9. All of the following are types of mountains except_________.
A) dome
B) ridge
C) block
D) fold
  • 10. Mount Everest will grow taller because ______.
A) it sits on cracks in a plate
B) wind will shape huge ridges
C) magma will bulge up under the crust and cause a bump
D) India continues to push northward
  • 11. The author compares the power of wind erosion to that of ____.
A) a flood
B) an explosion
C) a blizzard
D) sandpaper
  • 12. Why did the author write this article?
A) to explain what is happening to the earth
B) to explain weather
C) to warn people about dangerous places to live
D) to scare people
  • 13. Why is there a National Disaster Prevention Day every year in Japan?
  • 14. What occurs when an earthquake happens under land? under water?
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