La Bamba
  • 1. During what season does the story take place?
A) Fall
B) Spring
C) Unknown
D) Winter
  • 2. Manuel is going to "pantomime" the song. What does this mean?
A) He is going to sing it.
B) He is going to move his lips, but not sing.
C) He is going to play the trumpet to it.
D) He is going to dance to it.
  • 3. Benny helped Manuel by suggesting that he do what duirng his performance?
A) laugh
B) juggle
C) dance
D) do gymnastics
  • 4. What caused Manuel to drop his record?
A) water on the gym floor
B) Benny blowing into his trumpet
C) Maria bumped into him
D) Mr. Roybal yelled at him
  • 5. Manuel wanted all the following result from his performance EXCEPT for
A) impressing the girls
B) His parents being proud of him
C) classmates laughing at him
D) his brother and sister being jealous
  • 6. Why didn't Manuel tell his parents what he was doing in the talent show?
A) He was ashamed of his act.
B) He wanted them to be surprised.
C) He didn't know what he was going to do.
D) He thought they would be mad at him.
  • 7. In the talent show there was a skit about dental hygiene. What do you think hygiene means?
A) cavities
B) dirt
C) running around and singing
D) taking care of or being clean
  • 8. The acts before Manuel's were
A) very good
B) the most incredible acts the students had ever seen
C) disasters
D) terrible
  • 9. As Manuel began his act, the audience
A) loved it
B) clapped to the music
C) was kind of bored
D) danced along to the music
  • 10. Why did the record continue to play "para bailar la bamba" over and over again?
A) Because Manuel's brother had used it as a Frisbee
B) Because Manuel had written his name on it.
C) Because it got scratched when he dropped it
D) Because that is how the song went
  • 11. When Manuel had finished his act he was
A) embarassed
B) confident that he had done a great job
C) proud of himself
D) happy
  • 12. Did people believe that Manuel had planned to get the record needle stuck?
A) yes
B) no
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