Science 3456 Solar System Plus
__1. A moon is a natural objectA. rock that revolves around the sun.
__2. An asteroid is aB. that orbits a planet.
__3. A planet is a large objectC. that orbits a star.
__4. A revolution isD. a star and the object that orbit around it.
__5. A solar system is made up ofE. surfaces made of gases.
__6. Mercury, Venus, Mars & EarthF. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune.
__7. The inner planets areG. make up the inner planets.
__8. The outer planets areH. closet to the Sun.
__9. The outer planets are calledI. one trip around the sun.
__10. The outer planets haveJ. gaseous planets.
__11. A comet is a mixture ofA. a complete spin on an axis.
__12. An Earth day isB. the water planet.
__13. A rotation isC. 88 days long.
__14. A year on MercuryD. 24 hours long.
__15. Earth is calledE. the closet planet to the sun.
__16. In August of 2006 Pluto wasF. Ganymede, Callisto, Io, & Europa.
__17. Mercury isG. frozen gases, ice, dust & rock that orbit around the Sun.
__18. Pluto was once known asH. the ninth planet.
__19. The Galilean moons areI. reclassified as a dwarf planet.
__20. Venus isJ. the second planet from the Sun.
__21. Ancient cultures looked atA. Mercury.
__22. A nebula is aB. is about 2/3 the size of Earth's Moon.
__23. A star is an object thatC. Jupiter.
__24. A white dwarf is a small veryD. takes the longest to orbit the Sun.
__25. NeptuneE. huge cloud of gases and dust.
__26. PlutoF. the sky & saw patterns called constellations in the stars.
__27. SupernovasG. the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper.
__28. The largest planet isH. shine brightly for days and weeks, then fade away.
__29. The smallest planet isI. dense star that shines with a cooler white light.
__30. Two famous constellations areJ. produces it own energy, including light and heat.
__31. A planet isA. would be the best season to see Orion.
__32. A revolution isB. winter, summer spring & fall.
__33. AutumnC. would be the best season to see Pegasus.
__34. Earth isD. locate a star or constellation.
__35. One model of a solar system isE. would be the best season to see Leo.
__36. SpringF. would be the best season to see Lyra.
__37. Star charts can help youG. one complete trip around the sun.
__38. SummerH. a large object that orbits a star.
__39. The seasons areI. a star and the objects that revolve around it.
__40. WinterJ. the third planet from the Sun.
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