6th SW Warm Up 3 (2014)
Cells are the:
basic unit and structure of life.
building blocks of life
 both of the above
neither of the above
Prokaryotic cells
have a nucleus 
 do NOT have a nucleus
 are advanced large cells and can be seen 
without a microscope
Eukaryotic cells
have a nucleus
do NOT have a nucleus
are primitive small cells
4.Any living thing is called an organism
5.Mrs. Ruble saw a sample of brain tissue under amicroscope.  She noticed there were many cells thathad a nucleus and were all connected together.  This means the brain tissue is:
unicellular and made of eukaryotic cells
unicellular and made of prokaryotic cells
multicellular and made of eukaryotic cells
multicellular and made of prokaryotic cells
6.Mr. Bellman saw a paramecium under the microscope.He noticed it was made of only one cell and had anucleus.  This means the paramecium is:
unicellular and eukaryotic cell
unicellular and a prokaryotic cell
multicellular and a eukaryotic cell
multicellular and a prokaryotic cell
7.A tree is known as an autotroph.  This is because:
the tree is not able to make its own food.  It
only gets food through plant fertilizer
the tree is able to make its own food through
the process of photosynthesis
it automatically moves from place to place
it makes shady areas with its leaves
8.Which of the following organisms are all heterotrophs? This means they are NOT able to make their own food and must find food from other sources such as other plants or animals:
trees, grass, flowers
people, bugs, birds
people, trees, dogs
deer, algae, plants, panthers
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