Turtle Bay Comprehension
  • 1. This selection mostly takes place in _______.
A) the past
B) the present
C) fantasy land
D) the future
  • 2. Jiro-San's secrets are most likely about ______.
A) his family
B) nature
C) his school
D) old age
  • 3. Why does Taro like Jiro-San?
A) Jiro-San lets him sweep the beach
B) He learns things from Jiro-San
C) He likes riding in Jiro-San's boat.
D) Jiro-San makes him laugh.
  • 4. In this story, a calf is a _______.
A) small dolphin
B) young turtle
C) baby whale
D) little swordfish
  • 5. Jiro-San called the turtles his "old friends" because _______
A) some of the turtles have been his pets for many years
B) he has been watching the turtles lay eggs for many years
C) the turtles look old, with wrinkled faces and legs
D) the turtles are friendly and playful
  • 6. Which of the following best shows that Jiro-San is patient?
A) He says that all the fish are his friends.
B) He rows to a secret cove to look for the turtles.
C) He sweeps the beach.
D) He waits on the beach for the turtles for four nights
  • 7. Where does a turtle put her eggs?
A) She digs a hole on a sandy beach for them.
B) She lays them on top of the sand on a beach.
C) She lays them under rocks.
D) She finds a hole on a beach for them.
  • 8. Jiro-San sweeps the beach because he wants to _______.
A) make holes for the turtles
B) collect rocks and shells
C) make it clean and safe for the turtles
D) make hills of sand
  • 9. When Jiro-San's old friends arrive at the beach, what happens first?
A) All the turtles stay in the water until the people leave.
B) One turtle makes sure the beach is safe.
C) All the turtles lay eggs on the beach.
D) Some of the turtles dig holes.
  • 10. The author wrote this story to _______.
A) give information about turtles
B) tell what Turtle Bay is like
C) explain how to clean u pa beach.
D) tell what it's like to live by the sea.
  • 11. Which word best tells about Taro?
A) clever
B) shy
C) weird
D) curios
  • 12. According to Jiro-San, one turtle comes to the beaches and lays her eggs because ________.
A) the children are making too much noise.
B) she swims faster than the other turtles
C) she wants to be sure the beach is safe for the others
D) Jiro-San has not finished picking up the litter
  • 13. Any of these words could describe Jiro-San in the selection. Choose the word you think "best" describes Jiro-San. "wise" "helpful" "patient" Support your choice with "two" details from the selection.
  • 14. The author's purpose for writing this story may have been to inform about how baby turtles are born. Support this purpose with "two" details from the story.
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