Allie's Basketball Dream Comprehension
  • 1. When my teacher applauded loudly, she __________.
A) clapped her hands
B) screamed at the students
C) cornered the principal
D) pretended to fall asleep.
  • 2. What happens first that starts the events that follow in this selection?
A) Allie's father brings her a gift.
B) Allie trades her basketball for a new volleyball.
C) Allie waits for her father to com home from work.
D) Allie plays basketball at the playground with the boys.
  • 3. "At the playground, Allie "scanned" the basketball courts" means she ________.
A) practiced shooting baskets
B) jumped rope on the courts
C) looked around the courts
D) ran around the courts
  • 4. How does Allie's dad feel about her playing basketball?
A) proud
B) ashamed
C) angry
D) scared
  • 5. Allie practices shooting baskets because she wants to _______.
A) become a good basketball player
B) play basketball with her father
C) see her friends at the playground
D) play with Domino
  • 6. Julio refuses to play basketball with Allie because______.
A) he is on his way to play with some other boys
B) she doesn't play well
C) he doesn't like basketball
D) he is too proud to play with a girl
  • 7. Why did Allie decide to become a professional basketball player?
A) She listened to her father talk about basketball
B) She got a basketball of her very own
C) She loved the game she saw at Madison Square Garden.
D) She watched the boys at the playground play basketball
  • 8. In what sport are the words "dribble", "slam-dunk", "backboard", and "rim" used?
A) soccer
B) basketball
C) baseball
D) volleyball
  • 9. Allie tells Buddy about her cousin's trophies because she _______.
A) likes bragging about her cousin
B) doesn't want to talk about trading her basketball
C) feels like telling a story
D) wants to prove that girls can play basketball
  • 10. How are Allie and Buddy alike?
A) Both want to be professional ballplayers
B) Both are good at jumping rope.
C) Both like to play volleyball
D) Both play games that others say they shouldn't play.
  • 11. Any of these words could describe Allie in the selection. Choose the word you think "best" describes Allie. "nice" "athletic" "determined" Support your choice with "two" details from the selection.
A) make her nervous
B) make fun of her
C) tease her
D) encourage her
  • 12. According to the selection, describe how Allie feels about basketball. Support your answer with "one" detail from the selection.
A) she keeps on trying
B) she uses a smaller ball
C) her father helps her
D) she is lucky
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