Yippe-Yay! Comprehension
  • 1. According to the selection, the main reason there were so few cowgirls in the Old West is because _____.
A) the work was considered too harsh for girls
B) the cattle were not used to being controlled by girls
C) cowgirls did not practice finding horses
D) girls were too busy raising crops
  • 2. From the 1860s to 1890s is considered in the Old West to be the ear of _______.
A) the American cowboy
B) poor and undeveloped ranches
C) the American cowgirl
D) short cattle drives to nearby railroads
  • 3. In order to work, a cowhand had to own _______.
A) a saddle
B) spurs
C) a hat
D) a corral
  • 4. What was a cowhand's most important skill?
A) roping cattle
B) riding horses
C) busting horses
D) branding cattle
  • 5. After cowhands rounded up the cattle, the next thing they did was _______.
A) count the herd
B) brand the calves
C) brand the herd
D) lasso the calves
  • 6. Cowhands did not brand calves until after roundup because calves ______.
A) were too wild
B) followed their mothers
C) were kept in a pen
D) would cause a stampede
  • 7. Which group would wrangler, cookie, and flank rider belong to?
A) kinds of brands
B) clothing that cowhands wear
C) jobs on a trail drive
D) events at a rodeo
  • 8. The drag position was the worst job because cowboys ______.
A) worked in the dust at the back of the herd
B) had to keep the herd moving
C) had to ride longer than other cowhands
D) dragged the wagon full of food
  • 9. What was the reason for a trail drive?
A) to take the herd to a railroad station to be sold
B) to move the herd to a different place for grazing
C) to keep the cattle from different ranches apart
D) to keep the cattle from losing weight
  • 10. There are no long cattle drives today because _______.
A) houses have been built on the trails
B) there aren't enough cowhands to do the work
C) the ranchers don't have to move their cattle
D) railroads are close to the ranches
  • 11. What job do cowhands do today in a different way?
A) branding calves
B) roping steers
C) rounding up stray cattle
D) riding horseback
  • 12. Why did the author write this book?
A) to describe a cowhand's life in the late 1800s
B) to explain that few girls were cowhands in the Wild West
C) to tell how exciting it is to be a cowhand
D) to convince people to become cowboys and cowgirls
  • 13. Ranchers didn't have fences around all their land. Why not?
  • 14. Cattle from different ranches mixed together on the range. Explain how ranchers made sure they could identify their own cattle, including new calves.
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