Lon Po Po Comprehension
  • 1. Po Po is the Chinese word for _______.
A) poor
B) wolf
C) grandmother
D) daughter
  • 2. Mother leaves the children alone in the house because ______.
A) the children have school in the morning
B) the children are busy making dinner
C) she is going to visit Grandmother on her birthday
D) it is too far for the children to walk to Grandmother's house
  • 3. The wolf disguises himself as an old woman so he can _______.
A) make the children think their mother came home early
B) fool the children into thinking he is Po Po
C) make the children think he needs a bed for the night
D) call the children his little jewels
  • 4. When the wolf says "All the the chicks are in the coop," he is telling the children it is time to _______.
A) work
B) hide
C) sleep
D) eat
  • 5. Who discovers that the old woman is really a wolf?
A) Po Po
B) Tao
C) Mother
D) Shang
  • 6. The eldest child figures out how to get away from the wolf by ________.
A) telling him that she will go outside and find him some food
B) complaining that she is cold and must find another blanket
C) convincing him that children do not make a good meal
D) reminding him that she has not latched the door
  • 7. Gingko nuts grow on ______.
A) a tall vine
B) a tall tree
C) a bush
D) the ground
  • 8. Shang gets the wolf in the basket by telling him he must _______.
A) gather firewood before dinner can be cooked
B) help all three children out of a very tall tree
C) put the chickens back into the coop before he eats them
D) pluck the gingko nuts himself for the magic to work
  • 9. The wolf said he could not climb the tree because he was too ________.
A) frail
B) stubborn
C) mean
D) lazy
  • 10. In this story, "the wolf's heart broke to pieces" means that the Wolf ______.
A) died
B) splintered his heart into pieces
C) had a heart attack
D) became sad
  • 11. This story is most like a _______.
A) legend
B) riddle
C) folktale
D) fable
  • 12. Name one way Shang talks the wolf into wanting gingko nuts.
  • 13. Describe how Shang gets rid of the wolf.
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