ALCPT Practice _ Vocabulary
  • 1. Copper is a good --------- of electricity.
A) substance
B) conductor
C) transportation
D) metal
  • 2. A vise is used for --------- objects.
A) meeting
B) fixing
C) holding
D) mixing
  • 3. A ----- ----- is a place where you can have a light meal.
A) snack bar
B) airport
C) supermarket
D) mini bar
  • 4. The architect is making some ----- to the original house plans.
A) formation
B) decoration
C) acceleration
D) alterations
  • 5. Today is Monday, our meeting is after three days; see you ------.
A) Saturday
B) Thursday
C) Sunday
D) Friday
  • 6. I live near the center of the city, I line in the ---------.
A) building
B) suburbs
C) downtown
D) city center
  • 7. The wire is not ---------, don't touch it.
A) smooth
B) thick
C) insulated
D) cover
  • 8. The ships went down in the ------- sea.
A) rough
B) difficult
C) tough
D) smooth
  • 9. I called you ----- but you didn't answer.
A) two
B) couple
C) twice
D) pair
  • 10. The doctor advised him to ----- smoking.
A) give up
B) pick up
C) look up
D) take up
  • 11. The house is grey. What is grey?
A) an animal
B) a building
C) a material
D) a substance
  • 12. The exam results are due tomorrow.He is very -------.
A) excited
B) interested
C) angry
D) worried
  • 13. My brother and I never agree, we always -------.
A) imagine
B) behave
C) annoy
D) argue
  • 14. My brother and I had an ------- this morning about where to go at the weekend.
A) fight
B) discussion
C) surprise
D) argument
  • 15. Rashid's job was a little ------ in the beginning but after a while it became easier.
A) respect
B) complicated
C) steady
D) loyal
  • 16. Dana tries not to -------- when her son makes a mess with his food.
A) observe
B) imagine
C) mind
D) notice
  • 17. The party was -------. Everybody got bored and went home early.
A) nervous
B) eager
C) dull
D) patient
  • 18. Ahmed is ------ with his new iPod, he uses it all the time.
A) accustomed to
B) satisfied
C) attracted
D) dissatisfied
  • 19. The storm may --------- the boats.
A) paint
B) damage
C) confuse
D) frighten
  • 20. Rubber is more -------- than iron.
A) guilty
B) loyal
C) flexible
D) eager
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Answer Key
1.B   2.C   3.A   4.D   5.D   6.B   7.C   8.A   9.C   10.A   11.B   12.D   13.D   14.D   15.B   16.C   17.C   18.B   19.B   20.C  
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