Writing_ Task 1_ Trends & Tenses
  • 1. The average price ------- a peak of $700 in 2005.
A) reaches
B) reached
C) reaching
D) has reached
  • 2. Average expenditure on transport --------- to decrease in 2015.
A) predicted
B) is expected
C) has expected
D) was predicted
  • 3. Since 1999, the sales of videos and CDs -------.
A) increased
B) increase
C) have increased
D) are increased
  • 4. Flight sales ------ in the first few months of the year.
A) full
B) has fallen
C) fell
D) fall
  • 5. Tour operators predict that flight sales to India ------- next year.
A) is improved
B) improve
C) has improved
D) will improve
  • 6. It ---------- that share prices will decline.
A) expect
B) expected
C) was expected
D) is expected
  • 7. Between 1992 and 1999, there ------ a sharp fall in vehicle ownership.
A) been
B) are
C) was
D) is
  • 8. The trend is likely -----------.
A) has continued
B) continue
C) is continued
D) to continue
  • 9. Share prices for Coca-Cola ------- since 1998.
A) are fluctuated
B) fluctuate
C) fluctuated
D) have fluctuated
  • 10. The number of car owners in Britain ------- dramatically in 1960.
A) raise
B) risen
C) rose
D) rise
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