Parts of Speech
  • 1. A word's part of speech is the _____ it does in its sentence.
A) job
B) timing
C) emotion
D) expression
  • 2. True or False: Some words can be used in different ways in a sentence, so one word doesn't necessarily have only one part of speech.
A) True
B) False
  • 3. There are how many basic parts of speech?
A) eight
B) ten
C) nine
D) seven
E) six
  • 4. Select the word that is NOT a basic part of speech.
A) preposition
B) pronound
C) adverb
D) adjective
E) noun
  • 5. A noun names a person, place, thing, or _____.
A) action
B) figurative speech
C) idea
D) state of being
E) pronoun
  • 6. What type of noun should be capitalized?
A) common
B) every noun
C) concrete
D) abstract
E) proper
  • 7. Which sentence contains three nouns?
A) Congress, the devious cat, couldn't wait to trap the cantankerous rat that had been eating his dry food and depositing pellets in his water bowl.
B) The delightful dog truly enjoyed going on long, adventurous walks.
C) Ross, the pudgy pooch, loved sneaking warm, crusty treats from the kitty litter box early in the morning.
D) The magical cat sat patiently, licking its lips and purring while waiting for its wet food.
  • 8. Which sentences contains a proper noun?
A) My neighbors pet pig, Oinkers, was so talented it knew how to ride a surf board!
B) Did you know that there use to be giant, flightless birds living in the islands?
C) Some people don't like rodents, but I think they make wonderful household pets!
D) The albino whale breached the surface of the pristine water, putting on a spectacle for all to see.
  • 9. True or False: A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun that has already been mentioned or can be known easily.
A) True
B) False
  • 10. Select the word that could NOT be used as a pronoun.
A) when
B) something
C) she
D) they
E) it
  • 11. What are the pronouns in the following sentence: Someone should feed the snake something before it starves.
A) feed, starves
B) someone, something, it
C) someone, the, something
D) it, something
  • 12. True or False: All verbs show some kind of action.
A) False
B) True
  • 13. Select the best verb for the following sentence: Because I am so competitive, I couldn't let him _____ me a second time.
A) feed
B) bake
C) beat
D) win
  • 14. Which sentence contains two verbs?
A) Ocean's board crashed down upon the reef, snapping it into a dozen separate pieces which floated away with the receding tide.
B) Fearlessly, Reed rushed into the mountainous waves at Magics.
C) Hailey surfed the majestic waves gracefully, gliding effortlessly on the silky surface.
D) The turtle floated amiably in the pond.
  • 15. Which of the following is NOT a verb of being?
A) was
B) been
C) is
D) went
E) are
  • 16. True or False: An adjective modifies (changes, adds detail to) a noun or pronoun.
A) False
B) True
  • 17. Which sentence has four adjectives?
A) Josh thought he might fall fast asleep if the test went on much longer.
B) Makena earned such a high score on the SAT, that she got a full-ride scholarship to any school of her choice.
C) The round, wooden clock ticked loudly while I sat looking at the long, boring test in front of me.
D) My bland cereal was better than her mushy oatmeal.
  • 18. What question does an adjective NOT ask?
A) How many?
B) Whose?
C) Which one?
D) How much?
E) What kind?
  • 19. True or False: An adverb modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb.
A) True
B) False
  • 20. Which of these words would NOT be used to do the job of an adverb?
A) greatly
B) happily
C) seven
D) tomorrow
E) quite
  • 21. Which sentence does NOT contain an adverb.
A) The children knew that they would get a new car tomorrow, and could hardly sleep.
B) The energetic children waited for the new, red car to arrive.
C) The children's hair flowed freely as they rapidly roared down the road.
D) The children ran quickly to the car, excited to ride in a convertible for the first time.
  • 22. What are the two types of conjunctions?
A) Coordinating & Subordinating
B) Active & Being
C) Coercive & Subversive
D) Coordinating & Combining
  • 23. Which conjunction best fits the following sentence: Erin did not like burritos, ____ did she like tacos.
A) and
B) or
C) but
D) nor
E) on the other hand
  • 24. Which conjunction best fits the following sentence: I knew he had a crush on me, ______ I stayed as far away from him as I could.
A) consequently
B) since
C) because
D) finally
  • 25. Which sentence does NOT contain a conjunction?
A) The rain fell rhythmically, lulling me to sleep.
B) Genna loved to read books when it rained, so when she saw the weather outside she knew just what to do.
C) After the rain fell, there were little waterfalls all over our neighborhood.
D) It was raining cats and dogs outside!
  • 26. Which part of speech connects a noun or pronoun to the rest of the sentence, showing some kind of relationship?
A) verb
B) appostive
C) pronoun
D) conjunction
E) preposition
  • 27. Which of the following words could NOT be used as a preposition?
A) though
B) near
C) through
D) around
E) past
  • 28. Which sentence contains two prepositional phrases?
A) The wide receiver ducked and weaved his way through myriad defenders to reach the in-zone.
B) Football is fun.
C) Each player felt like he had given 110%.
D) The team captains drenched the coach with a whole container of Gatorade.
E) Kicking the ball with all his might, the punter sent the orb soaring high into the sky like a bird reaching toward the heavens.
  • 29. Which is not a prepositional phrase?
A) after the storm
B) into the mud
C) walking briskly
D) without a care
E) over the river
  • 30. Which part of speech expresses emotion?
A) emoji
B) interjection
C) article
D) transitive verb
E) subordinating conjunction
  • 31. Which statement is NOT an obvious interjection?
A) Oh, snap
B) Eww
C) Uh-oh
D) Eek
E) sad
  • 32. Which interjection would you use to convey excitement over a well played prank or trick?
A) Whew!
B) Yikes!
C) Ugh!
D) Bazinga!
E) Meh.
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