Physical Fitness Vocabulary
__1. AerobicA. The fastest a heart can beat in one minute
__2. AnaerobicB. Guideline for gaining cardiovascular benefits.
__3. Body CompositionC. Range of Motion around a joint
__4. CalorieD. Ratio of body fat to lean body tissue
__5. Cardiovascular enduranceE. Ability to apply strength over a period of time
__6. FlexibilityF. Ability of the heart & lungs to function efficiently
__7. Maximum Heart RateG. Ability of a muscle to exert force
__8. Muscular EnduranceH. Measure of energy possessed by specific foods.
__9. Muscular StrengthI. Body's ability to produce energy through use of oxygen
__10. Target Heart RateJ. Production of energy without the need for outside oxygen
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