Text Features
  • 1. Which of the following does NOT use text?
A) a Social Studies textbook
B) a picture in a frame
C) a daily newspaper
D) a weekly magazine
  • 2. A caption is writing that goes along with a _______________ to give more information about it.
A) cap and gown
B) table and contents
C) picture or photo
D) printing machine
  • 3. A picture is sometimes called a ________________.
A) box
B) photograph
C) caption
D) copier
  • 4. A text feature that uses very black or darkened writing is called ____________________.
A) colored markings
B) bold print
C) cursive writing
D) indexing
  • 5. A ___________ of a Spotted-Wing Bat was used in class to tell us about this type of bat.
A) fossil
B) glossary
C) index
D) diagram
  • 6. A glossary is found at the back of the book. It gives definitions or _______________ of words.
A) meanings
B) singers
C) writers
D) authors
  • 7. A heading can be ___________ in print.
A) a song
B) a title
C) a story
D) a poem
  • 8. Small describing words are used to tell about the parts of an object. These text features are called ___________.
A) openers
B) labels
C) photos
D) closers
  • 9. This text feature can usually identify a flat place, area, or region. This is a _____________.
A) book
B) map
C) report
D) candle
  • 10. A _______ box is a colored box that gives the reader more information about the text.
A) crayon
B) fast
C) text
D) smooth
  • 11. An arrangement of information usually found in rows or columns are called ________________.
A) calendars
B) people
C) tables
D) chairs
  • 12. The Table of Contents is found in the __________ of the book.
A) front
B) middle
C) back
D) spine
  • 13. An index is found at the _________ of the book.
A) back
B) front
C) middle
D) top
  • 14. A subheading is found _______ the main heading.
A) over
B) under
C) inside of
D) in front of
  • 15. Why do authors use text features?
A) They can not think of titles.
B) Text features bring attention to important details.
C) They like to draw pictures.
D) They want to use maps.
  • 16. Some common text features that are NOT found in books are:
A) captions
B) bold words
C) circles
D) diagrams
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