Holes Final Comprehension TEST
  • 1. All of the following are true about the Warden EXCEPT:
A) She usually wears a black cowboy hat & boots
B) She is tall
C) She has freckles
D) She has blonde hair
  • 2. What is Zero's real name?
A) Hector
B) Zeus
C) Ricky
D) Joseph
  • 3. Who takes Zero's spot in Tent D after he runs away?
A) Twitch
B) Caveman
C) The Lump
D) T-Rex
  • 4. Which camper's birthday was it the day that Zero ran away?
A) Zigzag
B) Armpit
C) Caveman
D) X-Ray
  • 5. Who did Zero hit with his shovel before running away?
A) Mr. Pendanski
B) X-Ray
C) The Warden
D) Mr. Sir
  • 6. Where was Zero living when he was arrested?
A) In an orphanage
B) In a hotel
C) In a house
D) On the streets
  • 7. Why was Twitch arrested?
A) For stealing clothes
B) For stealing jewels
C) For stealing shoes
D) For stealing a car
  • 8. Who was Sam's boat named after?
A) His mother, Mary Lou
B) The girl he loved, Katherine
C) His donkey, Mary Lou
D) Himself, Sam
  • 9. What does Zero's smile look like?
A) A carrot
B) A watermelon
C) A rainbow
D) A jack-o-lantern
  • 10. What did Zero call the stuff inside of the glass jars?
A) Nectar
B) Sploosh
C) Sweet Juice
D) Spicy Delight
  • 11. What did Barf Bag have to go to the hospital?
A) He got in a fight
B) He was bitten by 6 yellow-spotted lizards
C) He fell in a hole
D) He stepped on a rattlesnake
  • 12. What helped Zero to keep going up the mountain?
A) Thinking about his big house
B) Singing songs
C) Thinking about Mr. Pendanski
D) Spelling words that Stanley told him
  • 13. Where did Stanley find Zero?
A) In a hole
B) Hiding at camp
C) Under a boat
D) On the top of the mountain
  • 14. What kind of food did they find at the top of the mountain?
A) Corn
B) Onions
C) Peppers
D) Wheat
  • 15. What did Zero confess to Stanley at the top of the mountain?
A) He ran away from his parents
B) He can already read and write
C) He stole Clyde Livingston's shoes
D) He is rich
  • 16. The onions did all of the following for the boys EXCEPT:
A) Poisoned them
B) Stopped them from starving
C) Helped Zero feel better after getting sick from Sploosh
D) Helped Stanley feel stronger
  • 17. Which of the following is NOT true about Zero?
A) He stole sometimes
B) He can't read
C) He never met his mother
D) He stayed at the homeless shelter sometimes
  • 18. What was the name of Zero's childhood toy?
A) Jaffy
B) Roni
C) Bear
D) Cub Scout
  • 19. What does Stanley picture while the lizards crawl all over him & he thinks he will die?
A) A snow day with his mother
B) His father's invention
C) Kate Barlow
D) Derrick Dunne
  • 20. Whose name is on the suitcase?
A) Mary Lou
B) Walker
C) Kate Barlow
D) Stanley Yelnats
  • 21. Why didn't the yellow-spotted lizards bite Zero & Stanley?
A) Yellow-spotted lizards don't like onion juice
B) They weren't hungry
C) Yellow-spotted lizards don't bite people
D) Yellow-spotted lizards only bite girls
  • 22. What did Stanley's father invent?
A) A product that eliminates foot odor
B) A product that makes you strong
C) A way to recycle old sneakers
D) A way to make better sneakers
  • 23. What did Camp Green Lake become?
A) An Amusement Park
B) A Boy Scout Camp
C) A Girl Scout Camp
D) A Prison
  • 24. What is the name of the product Stanley's father invented?
A) Peach Delight
B) Sploosh
C) Smell Swell
D) Fantastic Feet
  • 25. Who is Ms. Morengo?
A) Mr. Sir's wife
B) Stanley's aunt
C) Stanley's lawyer
D) The Warden's friend
  • 26. All of the following describe Ms. Morengo EXCEPT:
A) Determined
B) Tall
C) Hispanic
D) Straight, black hair
  • 27. Which of the following is a descendant of Trout Walker?
A) The Warden
B) Stanley
C) Zero
D) Mr. Sir
  • 28. Which of the following is a descendant of Madame Zeroni?
A) Stanley
B) Mr. Pendanski
C) Zero
D) Zigzag
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