Capital Letters - Proper Nouns
  • 1. timothy, jason and mary went to penrith for a swim in the pool.
  • 2. queensland, victoria and tasmania are all states within australia.
  • 3. I have four dogs that my mum, amanda, bought from the pound in katoomba.
  • 4. I was riding on the train on my way to sydney. We passed through stations at parramatta, strathfield and redfern.
  • 5. My fish, bubble and trouble, are three years old.
  • 6. The panthers are playing the eels tomorrow and then the dragons are playing the tigers.
  • 7. I went to hungry jack's for dinner with my sister, angela.
  • 8. There are many types of dogs, dalmations, bull mastifs and cattle dogs to name a few, however, my favourite is my dog, rusty.
  • 9. amelia's birthday is in march and geoff's is in april.
  • 10. herbert was away from school on tuesday and wednesday because he was sick
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