Geology 2 - Rock Test Question Bank
  • 1. This rock has a hardness of 4, is typically grey in color, and has a dull luster. What is it?
A) Quartz
B) Pyrite
C) Limestone
D) Basalt
E) Talc
  • 2. This rock has hardness rating of 2, a dull luster, and a dull, white color with streaks of grey. It is not talc. What is it?
A) Sandstone
B) Diamond
C) Pumice
D) Talc
E) Gypsum
  • 3. Which of the following is not a type of luster?
A) Dull
B) Metallic
C) Bullish
D) Glassy
  • 4. What is the name of the scale used to determine a rock's hardness
A) Joe's
B) Floh's
C) Mee's
D) Lowes
E) Moh's
  • 5. Which layer of the earth is the thinnest?
A) Core
B) Crust
C) Mantle
  • 6. Which layer of the earth is hottest?
A) Core
B) Crust
C) Mantle
  • 7. Which of the following is not a common cause of erosion?
A) Friction
B) Rain
C) Ice
D) Sound
E) Wind
  • 8. Which mineral is the softest?
A) Pumice
B) Talc
C) Diamond
D) Basalt
E) Gypsum
  • 9. Which mineral is the hardest?
A) Granite
B) Talc
C) Pumice
D) Sandstone
E) Diamond
  • 10. Little pieces of rock worn away by erosion are called...
A) Filaments
B) Minerals
C) Sediments
D) Ligores
E) Rockettes
  • 11. Which type of rocks are formed after millions of years of heat and pressure? They often have a bent or warped look.
A) Igneous Rocks
B) Sedimentary Rocks
C) Metamorphic Rocks
D) Erosion
  • 12. What is liquid rock called?
A) Freck
B) Smudge
C) Riquid
D) Magma
  • 13. Describe how the Grand Canyon was formed. (Hint: Include the Colorado River in your explanation).
  • 14. Describe how potholes (eroded away concrete on the roads) form.
  • 15. Describe how a rock is different than a mineral.
  • 16. Choose a fruit and describe how it could be a model for the layers of the earth. Be specific.
  • 17. If you wanted to demonstrate to a class a powerful form of erosion, which of the following would accurately portray it?
A) Putting a can of pop in the freezer.
B) Stacking paper
C) Slamming the door
D) Turning on the light
  • 18. You have a drill bit that will not go through a concrete wall. Next you try the bit on a wall made of gypsum and it is barely able to go through the wall. Assuming the drill bits have the same numbers and hardness as minerals on Moh's scale, what would you say is the number of the bit?
A) 3
B) 7
C) 10
D) 5
E) 1
  • 19. Which teacher in the school is most like a diamond? Explain why?
  • 20. Which of the following rocks might you use to build an inexpensive, sturdy countertop in your house?
A) Diamond
B) Gypsum
C) Granite
D) Talc
  • 21. Choose a fruit and describe how it can be a model for the layers of the earth. Be specific.
  • 22. Which rock is black in color, has a hardness of 7, and is porous?
A) Pumice
B) Basalt
C) Pyrite
D) Talc
E) Gypsum
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