Rocks and Minerals Video Quiz
  • 1. Minerals are made of ____________.
A) rocks
B) crystals
C) oxygen
D) dirt
  • 2. Solids that are made of crystals and are found in the earth's crust are called _________.
A) rocks
B) fools gold
C) crystals
D) minerals
  • 3. When you test a mineral's _____________, you scratch it with different materials.
A) streak
B) luster
C) hardness
D) color
  • 4. The way a mineral reflects light is called its ________.
A) luster
B) color
C) hardness
D) streak
  • 5. The way a mineral breaks is called the mineral's __________.
A) cleavage
B) color
C) hardness
D) luster
  • 6. Why don't all rocks look alike?
A) Chemical weathering changes the appearance of all rocks.
B) All rocks are alike.
C) They are formed from different minerals.
D) They are formed from different rocks.
  • 7. A solid mixture of different minerals are called ____________.
A) compounds
B) mineral compounds
C) rocks
D) magma
  • 8. Igneous rocks are formed from _________.
A) oxygen and hydrogen
B) humans
C) water and mud
D) magma
  • 9. Lava that cools slowly forms __________ crystals.
A) large
B) small
  • 10. ______________ rocks are composed of layered sediments, or small rock particles.
A) Igneous
B) Sedimentary
C) Metamorphic
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